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The International Center for Academic and Professional English is more than English as a Second Language (ESL).

Part of a robust academic advising structure, we offer non-credit and credit courses, workshops, and tutoring to help multilingual speakers of English improve their writing and communication skills as well as their academic and social integration. We also offer intensive English pathway programs for high school students, conditionally admitted university students and professionals, and testing services.

ICAPE is located in Maginnes Hall 246.

New Update: ICAPE will also offer ACT 48 intercultural communication Workshop for PA teachers! Click Here!


Considering the global spread of different varieties of English and the various ages at which students achieve proficiency in the language domestically and internationally, the single term “ESL” no longer characterizes the rich diversity that they bring to campus. The term “multi-lingual speaker of English” captures a broader variety of more proficient English users.


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StepUp Bootcamp was a good way to make my summer meaningful. Everything was so different here in the United States. The people that I have met were helpful and thoughtful. Spending time with Lehigh’s students, learning from them about living, studying, and communicating prepared me to get more involved in Lehigh University and American culture.

Jiageng Zheng, StepUp Bootcamp

Time flies. Although it had been one and half years to complete StepUp, it seems like only yesterday. My courses were pretty hard and my classmates were clever and hard working. … StepUp was a pretty busy program. This method was beneficial because I was well prepared not only for my hardest graduate courses but I also got discipline and learned how to use time under control. All teachers were so willing to teach to you.

Orhan Kaya, StepUp

The StepUp program helped me to be well prepared to start my graduate study. Really, it was a great chance to meet awesome people and learn from kind, friendly, and professional teachers.

Mu'ath I. Abu Qamar, StepUp

The StepUp program was really helpful in many aspects. In addition to improving my English language, I learned different skills that helped me in my academic study such as presentation, academic writing, and reading skills.

Khalid Alqosaibi, StepUp