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Advanced Academic English Courses are semester-long credit courses that help students improve their language skills and develop cultural understanding so they can succeed in their American academic and professional life.

Students engage in field-specific academic discussions, writing assignments, presentations and teaching projects that prepare them for the demanding level of English within their fields and professions.

Courses for undergraduate students meet the First-Year Composition requirement. Courses for graduate students focus on the skills necessary for their specific academic programs.

We also offer teacher training courses.

Undergraduate Courses

ENGL 003: Composition and Literature I for International Writers (3 Credits)

Students improve both their advanced academic written English and academic writing style through a process of reading fiction and non-fiction and by writing well-organized, coherent essays for academics. Author citation, style, and written fluency and accuracy are addressed within students’ writing. Enrollment is limited to nonnative speakers; prior academic writing history, English placement testing, and/or ICAPE director’s recommendation determines placement.

ENGL 005: Composition and Literature II for International Writers (3 Credits)

Continuation of English 3. Students practice more advanced methods and modes of writing for academics, including writing and reading for their specific field of study. Students continue to work on advanced written fluency and accuracy of idiomatic language and expression and are taught advanced methods of author citation and source integration.
Prerequisites: ENGL 003

ENGL 015: Speech Communication for International Speakers of English (1 Credit)

Spoken English improvement through the practice of American English in “real contexts.” This course is for first or second year undergrads who have advanced English skills, but who need to improve their communication and idiomatic language skills for the advanced speaking contexts of the American university classroom and campus. Advanced Spoken English accent improvement and academic presentations skills are also practiced as needed.

ENGL 016

Graduate/Professional Courses

ESLP 001: Academic Writing and Grammar (1 Credit)

Instruction in understanding and using advanced English sentence structures in writing. Advanced academic vocabulary and grammar development to improve writing sophistication and accuracy. Required for graduate students who do not achieve a sufficient score on the Lehigh ESL Writing Sample and/or for students needing additional writing proficiency.

ESLP 002: Academic Writing and Reading (1 Credit)

The writing process and composing skills, editing skills, vocabulary development and reading fluency for ESL students. Required for graduate students who do not achieve a sufficient score on the Lehigh ESL Writing Sample and/or for students needing additional writing proficiency. 4 hours per week.

ESLP 003: Clear Speech and Conversation (1 Credit)

Conversational English, colloquial language and idioms, pronunciation and accent reduction and practice in basic listening skills for an academic setting.

ESLP 004: Academic Speaking (1 Credit)

Correct use of grammatical structures in oral English and practice in accurate pronunciation. ESL students will explore the functions of American English in an academic setting. 4 hours per week.

ESLP 011: Technical Writing and Composition (1 Credit)

Formal composition and technical writing including general technical vocabulary, technical sentence structure, and research skills for the advanced ESL student. Prerequisite: successful completion of ESLP 1 or 2 (ESL Academic Writing and Reading) or ENGL 5, or with permission of ESL Director. 4 hours per week.

ESLP 012: Advanced Speech and Presentation Skills (1 Credit)

Development of advanced speaking skills and presentation techniques through a study of formal spoken rhetoric, accent improvement, and presentation skills. For the undergraduate or graduate student seeking formal speech skills and/or for teaching assistants. Prerequisite: successful completion of ESLP 3 or 4. or SPEAK score 200+, or permission of ESL Director.

GBUS 408: Advanced Business Speaking and Pragmatics (2 Credits)

Designed to assist international business students become capable communicators within the U.S. and the global marketplace. Students will increase their oral communicative competence to be successful in U.S. graduate business courses, job searching, networking, business presentations, and career development. Students are assessed through face-to-face business settings including business-style negotiations, interviews, presentations, and panel discussions. Course requires department approval.

GBUS 409: Advanced Business Writing and Reading (2 Credits)

Designed to introduce international business students to the types of rhetoric and written structures required in an American university graduate business program, as well as in most business environments; and to provide them with the skills and strategies that are necessary to produce cogent academic essays and papers, as well as business summaries and briefs for the global marketplace. Prepares students for writing and reading research-level articles that include appropriate academic publication conventions. Course requires department approval.

ENGR 430: Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists (1 Credit)

Course requires department approval.

English Teacher Training Courses

ENGL 310: Introduction to Methods of ESL Instruction (3/4 Credits)

This course is an introduction to teaching English as a second language, including the theory and principles of second language acquisition, TESOL methods, materials and current trends such as computer-assisted language instruction. With sufficient effort, you will learn to plan and teach an ESL/EFL class in the four areas of Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening, choose appropriate materials for varying age and proficiency levels, and most important, have a concrete approach to teaching and assessing ESL/EFL. Required classroom observations (minimum 3 hours total) can be completed in Lehigh’s ESL classes, in Lehigh’s ELLA lab, and/or in local school ESL classes. This course is restricted to upperclass undergraduate and graduate students.

ENGL 488 Special Topics in Teaching Composition in College (1 Credit)

A course that considers a pedagogical concept, instructional issue, special population, theoretical perspective, or mode of teaching that merits focused exploration. Sample topics include Teaching Developmental Writing in College, Teaching Writing to Students in Vocational Programs, Understanding Writing Assessment, Applied Rhetoric.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.