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The staff of the Office of International Affairs collaborates with other Lehigh University staff, faculty and trustees to execute the university’s international strategy. The following committees help advise and guide our work.

Board of Trustees Subcommittee on Global Affairs (Academic Affairs)

Oversees university-wide global initiatives and goals, ensures that university leadership shares the same vision, and ensures that Lehigh's global activities have strong alumni support, among other responsibilities.

Karen O'Donnell VanderGoot, Chair
Nicholas Bigelow
Gary Chan
Terrence Hahn
John Glanville*
Peter Morales
Edward Ramos
Andrew Woodward
Deborah Zajac*
Liaison: Cheryl Matherly, Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs

*non trustee

Faculty Committee on Global Affairs

The FCGA represents the faculty in setting strategic priorities and policies for the internationalization of Lehigh, especially in relation to academic programs and research.  The committee advises the President, Provost, and the Vice President and Associate Provost of International Affairs on the following aspects of university internationalization:

  • international programs, initiatives, and experiences (both within and outside of the US),
  • internationalization of curriculum and research activities,
  • geographic areas of institutional engagement,
  • international students and scholars at Lehigh,
  • research collaborations, exchanges, and partnerships with institutions (both within and outside the US) that impact the internationalization of Lehigh University,
  • general budget priorities for university internationalization efforts.

Nino Dzotsenidze, Graduate student representative (nonvoting)
Kwame Essien, CAS Representative, 2020
Yinan He, CAS Representative, 2018
Alana Hill, Undergraduate student representative (nonvoting)
Peggy Kong, COE Representative, 2018
Alberto Lamadrid, CBE Representative, 2020
Cheryl Matherly, Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs, Ex Officio
Ageliki Nicolopoulou, Chair, CAS Representative, 2019
Stephen Pessiki, RCEAS Representative, 2020
Cesar Silebi, RCEAS Representative, 2019
Charles Stevens, CBE Representative, 2019

Iacocca International Internship Steering Committee

Makes recommendations to the vice president and vice provost for international affairs on group program locations and on individual student selection and placement.

Lia Assad, Iacocca Family Member
Paul Brockman, CBE
Marie-Helene Chabut, CAS
Carol Ham, Director of the Iacocca International Internship Program
Lori Kennedy, Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development
John Savage, CAS
Bob Storer, RCEAS
Tamas Terlaky, RCEAS
Cameron Wesson, CAS

Lehigh University-United Nations Partnership Faculty Steering Committee

This faculty advisory committee consisting of senior faculty and administrators from all four colleges advises on issues related to Lehigh University-United Nations Partnership strategic planning, faculty engagement in UN-related research, UN Ambassadorial-level invitations, and large-scale program development.

Arpana Inman, COE
Jackie Krasas, CAS
Jack Lule, CAS
Don Morris, CAS
Andrew Ward, CBE

Ex Officio: Bill Hunter, Jenny Hyest, Cheryl Matherly, Matt Mattern

Study Abroad Faculty Policy Board (Educational Policy subcommittee)

Coordinates courses, curriculum and credit for undergraduate students who study abroad; develops and implements quality criteria for study abroad programs; and consults with faculty on a core of acceptable and available programs that meet the curricular needs of each college.


College (three-year term)
  • Barbara Pavlock, English

  • Paul Salerni, Chair, Music

  • Steve McIntosh, Chemical Engineering

  • Ravi Chitturi, Marketing

At-Large (three-year term)
  • Erica Hoelscher, Educational Policy Committee Representative, Ex-Officio Member

  • Antonio Prieto, Modern Languages and Literatures


Ad Hoc
  • Katie Welsh Radande, Director, Study Abroad

Administrative Advisor
  • Steve Wilson, Registrar