Lehigh University offers a wide variety of options to study in India or other locations throughout the world. Information about some of those programs can be found below.

Education Abroad

Lehigh had 759 student abroad experiences in 40 countries for the 2022-23 academic year. More than 300 programs were offered that year, and 31% of education abroad experiences included hands-on work. Visit here to learn more about Lehigh's education abroad programs, or visit the links below for information about specific opportunities to study abroad in India:

• Ashoka University (student exchange)
• IIT Bombay (student exchange)
• OP Jindal (student exchange)
• SRM University (student exchange)
• SIT-India: Health, Globalization, Culture and Care
• SIT-India: Public Health, Gender, and Sexuality

Global Social Impact Fellowship

Global Social Impact Fellows (GSIF) are a highly self-selected cohort of undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines across Lehigh University focused on addressing sustainable development challenges in low-income countries. The courses, workshops, retreats, and immersive experiences of this program integrate experiential learning, research, and entrepreneurial engagement with students leading original and ambitious projects with in-country partners in diverse countries. Through engaging in such meaningful, authentic, and incredibly alive projects, Fellows develop skillsets, mindsets, and portfolios to solve complex societal challenges.

GSIF projects are multi-year projects with interdisciplinary cross-functional teams engaging in the research, design, field-testing, and implementation of projects and social enterprises in low-resource and middle-income communities and markets. There are currently two active GSIF programs in India: Future Makers Unlimited and Humanitarian Design and Social Enterprise (HDSE) Summer School.

Visit here for more information.

Iacocca International Internship Program

This program provides practical work experience, grounded in global context, aimed at enhancing students’ career readiness and intercultural competency. Since 2011, IIIP has provided mostly funded internship opportunities for Lehigh students to work or do research overseas during the summer in a variety of locations, including cities throughout India.

Nearly three dozen students have interned in India since 2011, including internships through Lehigh@NasdaqCenter and Startup Academy. These internships have afforded students opportunities to work in engineering, research, upply chain,, marketing, accounting, and finance positions at such Indian companies and organizations as AksharChem, Apollo Tyres, Gateway House, and VIVA Group.

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