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Once you receive your offer letter from Lehigh University, complete this checklist to make sure you are able to enter the United States and come to Lehigh.

Before You Arrive


Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months (ideally one year) after the date you will start at Lehigh University.

All dependents’ passports valid should be valid for at least one year.


Make copies of your financial documents.

You may need to prove how you will support yourself (an employment letter showing salary may be sufficient).


Apply for a visa at your local U.S. embassy or consulate.

Allow plenty of time to gather your required documents and schedule your visa interview. In some countries, getting documents can take weeks or months.


Start planning your trip and let your department and OISS know when you are coming.

If changes to your trip occur, please notify OISS as soon as possible.


Make copies of important medical and dental records.

You may need to provide them to a medical facility in the U.S. If you have dependents, bring their records too.


Learn about health insurance in the United States.

Depending on your visa class, you may be required to purchase health insurance.


Get your finances in order.

You will need to be able to pay for immediate expenses for your first month in the United States. Plan to bring at least $3,000 for possible expenses.


Arrange for housing or temporary housing before you come to campus.

Housing can be difficult to find in the local area, but Lehigh has some rental properties available. Contact Real Estate Services for more information. If there is no Lehigh-affiliated housing available, you can also talk with your department.


Review our Immigration Protocol before you travel to the United States.

You should also receive a copy of the protocol in the mail.