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What is the Bazaar?

The International Bazaar was created in 1986 as a way to recognize and celebrate the unique countries and cultures on campus. Now with over 1,000 international students representing 84 countries and over 40 student cultural organizations on campus, the event has grown to be the largest international celebration on campus. It is hosted on the University Center Front Lawn the 3rd Sunday of April each year. We invite local restaurants to share their food, and our vibrant campus community hosts information tables and performs.

How Can I be Involved?

Host a Table

Any individual, group, student club, faculty member, staff member, or community organization may host a table. Hosting a table should showcase your country or culture (or a specific part of your culture). Some examples from past table hosts include:

  • displaying a poster, tri-fold, or infographic
  • serving food
  • displaying items or artifacts
  • playing a game
  • having something interactive for guests to do
  • wearing taditional/native clothing

Sign-ups will open in February!


Any individual, group, student club, faculty member, staff member, or community organization may perform. Examples of past performances include:

  • dancing
  • playing a musical instrument
  • singing
  • performing with a band
  • spoken word/reading a poem
  • anything else that represents your cultural identity or country

Sign-ups will open in February!

Model in the Fashion Show

We invite any member of our campus community to briefly model their native or traditional clothing. No previous modeling experience required! Clothing must be provided by the model. Clothing can be modeled individually, as a duo, or as a group of students. Previous modeling has included:

  • a group of students with West African clothing
  • a pair of students with Indonesian clothing
  • an individual modeling Spanish clothing (pictured above)
  • an individual modeling Thai clothing

Sign-ups will open in February!


Our Bazaar cannot take place without the dedicated help from our volunteers. We need 30+ volunteers to make this a successful, well run event. Volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and first access to food. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • set-up (moving tables, chairs, flags, supplies, setting up tents)
  • serving food during the event
  • clean-up

Sign-ups will open in March!


Meet the Planning Board- coming soon!

Patricia Goldman- Advisor

Assistant Director of International Student Engagement

Zahra Hassan- Food Committee Chair

Class of 2025

Political Science and Sociology with a Minor in French


Victor Borges- Food Committee

Britney Venegas- Food Committee

Class of 2025

Marketing and Business Analytics

New York, with Peruvian heritage

Fathmat Bakayoko- Marketing Committee Chair

Class of 2025

Masters in Financial Engineering

Ivory Coast

Katrina Bui- Marketing Committee

Class of 2026

Industrial and Systems Engineering


Baigalmaa Shura- Marketing Committee

Class of 2025

Special Education, M.Ed

Mongolia, Khalkh nationality

Dee Tamang- Entertainment Committee Chair

Iqra Choudhry- Entertainment Committee

Jose Luis De Piero- Entertainment Committee

Class of 2025

Instructional Technology, M.S.


Drew Smith- Logistics Committee

Ibithal Gassem- Logistics Committee