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We look forward to your arrival at Lehigh University—welcoming international students to campus is one of the most exciting moments for us in OISS.

Step 1: Register for international orientation under the “New Student Checklist” in iHome. Orientation is an important part of your academic journey at Lehigh.

Step 2: Frequently check your Lehigh email. You will receive emails from our office, other campus offices, your academic department, and many more throughout the months leading to orientation. It is important that you read each of these emails carefully and take action when required. This will help ensure you have a smooth transition to campus in August.  All communication will be sent to your Lehigh email address, not your personal email address.

Step 3: Communicate with our office if you are not able to receive a visa to come to Lehigh this January. We can be reached at

International Student Orientation for SPRING 2023

This Orientation is for all international First-Year students, Transfer students, Master'd Degree students and PhD students. Exchange Students who are coming for one or two semesters should also attend.

The purpose of international orientation is to introduce you to Lehigh specific resources, and allow you to network with fellow students. This program is mandatory for all F-1 and J-1 students.

Recommended Arrival Dates*: Monday, January 16 - Wednesday, January 18
Orientation Dates: Thursday, January 19 - Friday, January 20

*Graduate students should check with their department to see if a seperate Orientation is required.