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Intern with a tech company in North Macedonia. Conduct biomedical research in a lab in Israel. Work at one of the largest shipping companies in Asia. Intern with the supply chain team at Africa’s largest aquaculture company. Research community mobilization and tourism in Jordan. Or work with the IIIP team to design the internship you’ve always wanted.

The possibilities are endless, all aimed at broadening your global perspective and preparing you to successfully enter the global workforce.

Internships offered across all disciplines and in all regions of the world. They generally range from 120 to 160 hours.

Internships are fully funded. This means that major costs of the program, including airfare, housing, local transportation and most meals, are covered when travel is possible. It also covers program and administration fees when travel is not possible. The funding does not cover passport or visa fees, immunizations, optional excursions, or personal expenses. Interns also receive a modest stipend to offset the loss of wages during the internship period.

With IIIP, you participate in a global internship and receive continual, valuable support. The IIIP team works with students before, during and after the internship through the iiPATH curriculum.

Summer 2021

IIIP will offer internships for summer 2021. The application is not yet open. Join the IIIP mailing list to be notified when it opens.

The internships will most likely be virtual, with the ability to apply for a travel grant in the future when international travel is allowed again. 

Travel grants provide potential opportunities for students to travel to the respective internship host country for a minimum of two weeks. Students apply for travel grants by submitting a form, including a specific proposal with cost estimates. When travel funds are granted, students must travel within one year of completing their virtual internship and while still fully enrolled as a Lehigh University student. 

September 2020 Update
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Join Director Carol Strange and Assistant Director Michelle Spada for a program update.


Questions about the Iacocca International Internship Program? We're available to chat Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Fall 2020 Advising 

Please make sure to watch the update video above. If you have remaining questions, you can schedule a meeting with Carol Strange or Michelle Spada.

Student Reports

To date, nearly 600 students have interned in 50 countries in a variety of placements. Potential applicants are encouraged to read about the experiences of Iacocca Intern Alumni in the annual student reports.

Student Report 2020 (pdf) 

Student Report 2019 (pdf)

Student Report 2018 (pdf)

Student Report 2017 (pdf)

Student Report 2016 (pdf)

Student Report 2015 (pdf)

Student Report 2014 (pdf)

Student Report 2013 (pdf)

Student Report 2012 (pdf)


IIIP staff provide wrap-around programming before, during and after students’ internships to ensure that students receive the support they need and get the most out of their experience. Topics include NACE Core Competencies, StrengthsFinder coaching, Intercultural Effectiveness Scale, ethical community engagement and self-guided learning.  

My experience this summer was way more than just an internship. Living in a country completely foreign to me has taught me how to understand the world from multiple perspectives. India's culture is rich and diverse within its own capital city, making every day a unique learning experience.  Lehigh's various connections have helped me meet all kinds of people from different professional backgrounds, both expanding my network and exposing me to the different industries within India. 

Angelica Benares '20, Business Information Systems
Global Entrepreneurship Network, India 2018

My internship at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences exceeded all of my expectations, and I have grown professionally, socially, and personally because of it. I was able to conduct original research and work in a lab, while exploring new fields of study for my future career. It has afforded me many professional connections, relevant scientific work experience, and valuable new research skills that will benefit me both at Lehigh and in future jobs.

Julia Skrapits '19, Molecular Biology
Institute of Ocean Sciences, Bermuda

Living in Bordeaux for nine weeks was not only an unforgettable experience culturally, but also a really eye opening one personally.

Paola Lopez '20, Materials Science and Engineering
Solvay S.A., France

I was able to not only grow in my field, but learn so much about a culture very different from my own. The change in my confidence from when I first arrived to Japan to when I left was insane.  I went into this experience with a positive mindset just happy to be going abroad, but I returned with so many amazing new friends, new outlooks, and memories that I will forever cherish.

Soniet Berrios '19, Computer Science Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology , Japan

Over the course of 2 months, I had the opportunity to work and live in Hong Kong, experiencing both the culture of the city and corporate life. While I learned new skills in the office and gained invaluable work experience for my career, my time outside of the office had the most impact. I met friendly and helpful people and learned that although Western and Eastern cultures are different, the sound of laughter can be understood in any language. Even though I have left Hong Kong, the lessons learned from my time spent there on an Iacocca Internship are here to stay.

Troy Egar '19, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Hutchison Ports, Hong Kong