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Many of our internships are available to students thanks to the participation of Lehigh alumni and other sponsoring organizations around the world.

Is your organization seeking top young talent? Are you willing and able to host student interns for the summer, and reap the benefits of talents and strengths in a practical, professional setting?

When organizations host Lehigh interns for six to ten weeks over the summer, they receive many benefits, such as new perspectives from high-potential, mature and driven students, and the opportunity to mentor and supervise promising young adults. Lehigh University is recognized as one of the premier research universities in the United States and our students are highly capable and experienced in applying their knowledge outside the classroom.

Internships can include research or practicum, working in a corporate environment, teaching, language skill development or service learning. You can read about past internship experiences, and see the diversity of offerings in terms of type of work and location, in the student reports.

If you’re interested in providing an international internship experience, please contact Director Carol Strange, at or (610) 758-3467.

Host Organization Responsibilities

  • Maintain a Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL Policy) of at least US $1 million
  • Sign the International Internship Agreement (PDF)
    • update with 2020 OGC review
  • Define position description to include meaningful responsibilities
  • Identify on-site supervisor or mentor with some degree of English language proficiency
  • Coordinate in-country logistics in conjunction with our staff
  • Provide space, equipment and tools needed to perform duties
  • Provide weekly feedback to the intern and complete a final evaluation for the program