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Do you work for an organization based outside of the USA doing work that could engage students? Could your organization benefit from a bright, motivated Lehigh student working on specific projects? Are you interested in mentoring young professionals while expanding your organization’s future recruiting or fundraising network?

The Iacocca International Internship Program (IIIP) provides practical work experience, grounded in a global context, aimed at enhancing students' career readiness and intercultural competency.  In the first ten-years of the program, 660 students have worked in organizations located in 50 countries. IIIP  partners with organizations around the world interested in hosting Lehigh students virtually and/or in-person. Organizations can be NGOs, multinational companies, government agencies, institutes of higher education, etc as long as the student’s work is based outside the USA. There is no cost to the host organization. IIIP covers the majority of the students’ expenses - including airfare, transportation, accommodations, meals and incidentals. IIIP also provides student and supervisor support before, during and after the internship.

Host Organization Benefits 

  • Engage bright, motivated students virtually or in-person at no cost 
  • Utilize students for specific projects or tasks (approximately 30 hours/week for 6-10 weeks) 
  • Request specific student skill set to supplement organization’s work 
  • Expand future recruiting and/or fundraising network 
  • Receive IIIP staff support to ensure internship success

Host Organization Responsibilities 

  • Design an engaging, meaningful work experience for students (please review past student reports to see the type and variety of positions offered) 
  • Identify on-site supervisor with some degree of English language proficiency
  • Coordinate in-country or virtual logistics in conjunction with IIIP staff
  • Provide weekly feedback to the intern and complete a mid-term and final evaluation for the program
  • Sign the International Internship Agreement (PDF)

Host Organization Criteria 

  • Clear mission and vision 
  • Must have some operations outside of the USA
  • Minimum of five employees 
  • Maintain a Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL Policy)

Virtual Internships

  • IIIP began to offer virtual internships due to COVID-19. Due to the success of these virtual experiences, IIIP plans to continue to offer some virtual internships even when travel fully resumes.
  • Virtual internships offer a remote work experience combined with peer-to-peer networking through Regional Teams and Career Partners. 
  • Virtual internships increase accessibility, providing an opportunity for students to intern in places where in-person travel is restricted and offer an option for students who are unable to travel.
  • The virtual internship offers increased flexibility, allowing students to balance other responsibilities - work, family, classes - while completing their internship. 

Interested? Complete brief IIIP Express Interest Form


(updated 9/21/2021)