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Are you conducting research abroad with which students could assist? Do you have a relationship with an international organization that may be a great internship opportunity for students? Are you looking to offer students in your department a global work opportunity? Are you interested in lending your regional expertise to students interning globally?

The Iacocca International Internship Program staff wants to collaborate with you!

Group internships led by faculty or staff:

  • Allow faculty or staff to advance research collaboration or existing relationships at host sites
  • Expand classroom or department learning or priorities globally
  • Enable a broader geographic reach, especially in locations where students are less likely to travel independently
  • Offer modest honorariums for faculty and staff
  • Are flexible and do not require faculty or staff to be “on-the-ground” for the duration of the program

Types of Internships


Faculty, staff and/or students work together to design an internship around a particular theme within a global context. Internships can involve students working in various locations, yet on a similar theme. Internships can align with a department’s priorities and departments can request opportunities be prioritized for their students.


Faculty who have existing and/or potential relationships with contacts at other institutions can collaborate on research initiatives and involve students. In this type of engagement, it is important that the in-country contact is willing to align students research with their academic studies and act as a supervisor on the research project.


Students from a variety of disciplines work for different organizations in a specific city or region. In addition to work experience, the cohort of students will engage in a deeper level of cultural learning. Faculty/staff with expertise in that region/city will contribute to the development and facilitation of cultural programming.

Ways to Get involved

Lead a Student Internship
  • Have an idea but still working through the logistics or need to develop relationships abroad? Schedule an interest call with Carol Strange, Director or Michelle Spada, Assistant Director.

  • Guidelines/Expectations

    • Develop program

    • Plan logistics

    • Work with students pre-internship to prepare for work experience and cultural immersion (typically 3 meetings)

    • Mentor students throughout the internship

    • Manage budget

Serve as a Cultural Mentor

Learn more >

Serve on the IIIP Advisory Committee 

IIIP is establishing an advisory committee to assist with sourcing and screening potential placements around the world and collaborating with Lehigh faculty, staff and departments and host organizations to design the best experiences for students. The committee will meet monthly; the estimated time commitment is 5-10 hours per month.  If interested, please email us.


(updated 1/28/2021)