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Every year, the Iacocca International Internship Program includes several group opportunities led by Lehigh University faculty and staff. Request for Proposals for faculty/staff led, theme-based internships is open.

In the eight years since the program's inception, nearly 600 Lehigh students have interned in 50 countries.  IIIP has become highly competitive within our student body and is recognized nationally as a model for international experiences.  In 2019, the Institute of International Education (IIE) awarded the program the Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education in the Student Mobility category.

The group internships:

  • enable a broader geographic reach, especially in locations where students are less likely to travel independently,
  • provide opportunities for those students not comfortable with independent travel and work abroad,
  • expand upon institutional partnerships, and
  • allow faculty to advance research collaboration and existing relationships at host sites.


CLICK HERE to review the 2020 internship opportunities (Lehigh authentication is required). 

Theme-Based Internships

Lehigh faculty and staff lead students on Iacocca Internships, typically in groups of four to a maximum of six students.  Faculty/staff led theme-based internships intend to meet the following objectives:

  • explore a particular academic or program theme
  • enable a broader geographic reach, especially in locations where students are less likely to travel independently
  • expand upon institutional partnerships
  • create opportunities for research collaboration where faculty/staff may have existing relationships at host sites

Faculty/staff leaders of theme-based internships will work within the IIIP policies and procedures where developing the program, plan the logistics, prepare students for the work experience and cultural immersion, mentor students throughout the internship, and manage the budget.

Examples of Successful Proposals

France (pdf)

Israel (pdf)

Japan (pdf)

Program and Student Selection

The proposal process is competitive, as is the student selection.  The IIIP funds are not intended as permanent subsidies for programs. Proposals that have been funded for more than three consecutive years may not be considered for renewal. Please contact Director Carol Strange if you are considering a request that will extend support beyond three years.

The IIIP Steering Committee will choose students for the program based on the IIIP selection criteria and taking into account the following considerations:

  • Students with financial need are considered more closely than those with no or little need.
  • Students with no previous experience abroad on a Lehigh-sanctioned program are considered before those who have had an experience abroad.
  • Rising juniors and seniors will be considered before first-year students.
(updated 10/11/19)