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Browse recordings of previous ICAPE workshops and presentations.

Time Management Workshop  (Recorded January 5, 2021)

- Time management is the ability to use your time productively and efficiently. It sounds simple, but it is much harder in practice. This one-hour video will help you to manage time and avoid unnecessary stress.  (Kayla Landers & Ashley Murphy)

Study Skills Workshop  (Recorded January 7, 2021)

- Students: Did you find yourself stressed as tests and assignment deadlines approached this semester? It may be time to take another look at your study habits and reconsider your approach. Watch this video to learn strategies for developing effective study skills.  (Teresa Cusumano & Mark Ouellette)

Listening Skills  (Recorded January 12, 2021)

- Listening skills are key to understanding and communicating in academic, workplace, and social settings; therefore, it is absolutely critical for language learners of all skill levels to recognize that listening is a complex task.  This one-hour video explores active and passive listening, examines barriers to effective listening, and provides strategies to help improve listening skills.  (Teresa  Cusumano & Kayla Landers)

Pronunciation and Clear Speech  (Recorded January 14, 2021)

- Make your intended meaning clearer with accurate pronunciation. This video provides tools to help you learn to speak English clearly. Pronunciation practice will help you communicate more effectively in class and improve your self-confidence.  (Teresa Cusumano & Ashley Murphy)

Reading Survival Skills (Recorded January 19, 2021)

- In this video, we’ll help you develop a systematic approach to reading assignments and learn to read more efficiently. Discover how to improve comprehension and save time. Plan to be a successful reader—equipped with reading survival skills!  (Mary Newbegin & Kayla Landers)

Using Citations in Writing (Recorded January 26, 2021)

- Have you ever wondered why there are so many different citation styles or what the difference between MLA, APA, and Chicago is anyway? Have any of your professors ever commented that you “dropped in” a quotation? This video aims to improve your understanding of this important academic skill.  (Kayla Landers & Mary Newbegin)

Grammar Brush Up  (Recorded January 28, 2021)

- Do grammar rules elude you? Do commas make you crazy? This video offers an overview of common errors made in English grammar, share strategies for noticing and self-editing grammar mistakes, and provide tools to help you improve your command of English grammar.  (Teresa Cusumano)

20 Most Common Errors in English  (Recorded February 25, 2021)

- This short video reviews twenty common errors in English. Watch this video to learn how to apply these rules consistently in your writing.  (Teresa Cusumano & Mary Newbegin)

Note Taking  (Recorded January 21, 2021)

- This video will provide strategies and guidelines for taking effective notes during lectures and from course readings. Join us to learn more about the importance of good note-taking skills and explore some popular note-taking techniques.  (Teresa Cusumano & Mark Ouellette)