2017 Testimonials (pdf)

2016 Testimonials (pdf)

Yash Asher, Oman
Participant, 2015

PSGE was an experience-of-a-lifetime that I was glad I attended. It taught me so much within a month that I most likely wouldn’t have known or understood sitting at home or reading books. This program encouraged me to keep up with my ideas and the execute them. The rate of failure might be high but the more you fail, the closer you will come to a successful end product. This was just one of the lessons that PSGE taught me and counting the total number of lessons and views that PSGE has allowed me to see are innumerable.

This is a program which gave me a head start into not only college life but also to the real world where competition is everywhere but the opportunities are many as well. As I look back in a few years, PSGE would have not only given me an American-International perspective but also a network of friends around the world whom I could contact at any time and rely upon. As opportunities continue to grow, so will the fondness of my memories from PSGE.

This program is stepping stone into the vast array of opportunities for real world experiences and as an alumni of this program I will encourage other students from my school to apply as well, because you never realize the value of a program until the last day of it, and the tears on the last day made me realize the immense value I had for it.

Isobel Black, England
Parent, 2015

We've had Ella home for over a week now and it's clear that her time at Lehigh at the PSGE was a truly wonderful experience for her I can't thank you enough for the meticulously organized program you provide. We were slightly apprehensive before she left but it was immediately clear how well supervised all the students were, so they were safe but also had a good degree of independence. She absolutely loved the project she worked on and and felt she learned a huge amount about project planning, research and presentation, as well as working in a team.

Ella found many of the lectures inspirational and has come back and written out the quotes that she found most meaningful and put them on her wall. It is so interesting to see how mature she has become in some ways and her attitude to not only her future, but the world in general, has been shaped in a positive way by PSGE. She is full of ideas for the future and is raring to go, with a new found depth of skill and resilience to drawn upon.

I know she and the new friends she made there still face time each other every day and are already making plans to meet up next year. I think it was such an intense few weeks and the events were all so well planned it sounds as though everyone bonded quite tightly. I can only imagine how much thought and hard work goes into creating a month long program like that, so I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you and your team for doing such a fantastic job. It is extremely impressive.

Zhuohong (Zooey) He, United States
Participant, 2015

I will always remember the friendships and relations at this camp. I would like to talk about how this camp changed my life. Before this camp, I was very much a STEM student. I wanted to major in Engineering. I was typical nerdy kid. At PSGE, I met so many diverse people - we are so different [but] formed such strong friendships. I also met inspiring speakers such as Richard Thompson and Kostas Kalogeropolos who told their stories of not only success but also failures. PSGE taught me two main important ideas. First, connections and relationships are the basis for success in business and in life. Second, failures are just as important as success if you can learn something about them. That changed my focus towards entrepreneurship. I thank you so much for helping me find my true passion!

Thank you so much for this life changing experience, all the connections I built here will last a lifetime!

Julie Balsells, Guatemala
Participant, 2013

I want to thank you for the four wonderful weeks at PSGE! I can easily say that those were the best four weeks of my life! I did not only enjoy all the courses and talks, where I got to learn and discover so much about entrepreneurship, but I also got to meet new people and different cultures.

Thorough out this month, I got to experience what college life is like and what it would be like to study outside of Guatemala. I can say that the program changed my vision about my future completely. Before this program, I was undecided about what career to pursue, but I knew I was going to stay in Guatemala to study. However, after PSGE, I realized that I loved all the courses and classes, and most of all, that I loved "living" at Lehigh. Now I am still undecided about what career to pursue, but I am considering studying something related to economics and business. Most importantly, I do want to apply to college in the USA. After spending four great weeks at Lehigh, I discovered that I absolutely loved the campus and ambiance at the university.

I cannot express how thankful I am for the wonderful experience at PSGE. PSGE totally changed the way I am. The program took me to places I had never gone before (New York, Harrisburg), it taught me about different people and cultures, and even taught me how to do my own laundry! It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!!!

Julia Liu, United States
Participant, 2013

I just wanted to thank you again for organizing PSGE.

It has truly been a life-changing program and I value all my classmates there as my family now. The memories from PSGE- the classes, project work, trips to NYC and Harrisburg - are priceless. Even though I’m home, I still wish I were back at Lehigh spending more time with everyone and learning more. Most importantly, this program has solidified my interest in business and reinforced my career pursuits in a business related area.

As I mentioned in my reflection, one of my favorite parts of PSGE was working in the project group. Being in the American Storytellers has made me aware of the issue of illiteracy in America. I never knew it was such a problem before, and I'm so glad this program has given me a chance to combat illiteracy. I also had the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills, as I helped to write the scripts for our videos and the final report. In addition, working with my team members has been very stimulating because I've never collaborated with so many different personalities, but through this experience, I've developed my teamwork and leadership skills.

I will definitely promote this program to my sophomore and junior friends as well as my sister because PSGE is an opportunity they should not miss. I hope in the future I can become a mentor and help another class of entrepreneurs.

It's been an honor to be selected for PSGE, and I really appreciate all the work you have put in to make this camp so valuable and successful.