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Global Village is an intensive, five-week program on the campus of Lehigh University that teaches adults business, entrepreneurship and leadership skills while preparing them to thrive in a global community.

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About Global Village

Enter a diverse world of cultures that you’ll be part of forever.

Tomorrow’s leaders must operate in a global context, within evolving ecosystems, and collaborate across boundaries of all kinds. The Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders is an intensive, five-week leadership experience at Lehigh University that helps you build cross-cultural leadership, professional, business and entrepreneurship skills, preparing you to thrive in a global community. 

“Global Villagers” learn and live among an international, culturally diverse group of more than 60-90 peers from more than 35 countries.

What To Expect

Build global competencies and improve professional skills and business knowledge. 

Develop your interdisciplinary teamwork and entrepreneurship skills.

Form partnerships with an alumni network of 2,250+ leaders from 141 countries.

Focus your career path while working with program staff to map an experience-based plan for success.

What We Look For

The Iacocca Global Village accepts highly motivated and well-rounded individuals with a vision and a sense of mission. Academic excellence should be balanced with professional accomplishments and leadership experience, as well as adaptable and open interpersonal skills, a propensity to give to others, a curiosity about diversity and cultural understanding, and a true desire to grow in the global arena.

Villagers are a mix of advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and experienced professionals with all different backgrounds and from around the world. Approximately 60-90 candidates are accepted to the program each year from 35-45 countries. A typical village will range in age from 20-45 with a wide variety of academic and professional specializations.


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About the Program

The Global Village at Lehigh University

The Global Village at Lehigh University