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Iacocca Global Village On the Move programs focus on unique business and cultural environments by taking participants to dynamic locations throughout the world and providing focused learning experiences.

Presented on location, On the Move programs leverage the expertise of our global partner organizations and the elements of the Iacocca Institute flagship program, the Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders, to provide an international experience combined with professional level education, and customization that provides a flavor of local business culture and regional business landscape in locations throughout the world.

Global Village on the Move has taken place in 10 countries in the last 15 years.

Iacocca Global Village on the Move programs are held in unique centers of business around the world. Global business, cultural understanding, and an on-location experience are just a few of the central learning themes of On the Move programs. Utilizing the expertise of our global partners combined with the elements of our flagship program, the Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders program, On the Move programs provide an unparalleled learning experience for our participants. Program learning experiences are based on the belief that knowledge of business and sectors, skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, and the creation of a powerful global network are all essential for successful leaders.

Learning Experiences

Organized around regionally focused business themes, the five-to-ten day On the Move programs include interactive learning experiences delivered through a series of seminars, facilitated workshops and discussions. Executives working in the country where the program is held serve as panelists, hosts, and facilitators to speak first-hand about the impact and use of local services, regional best practices, cultural nuances and acceptable diversity affecting regional businesses and organizations. Cultural trips provide participants with a familiarity of the people living in the host country. Iacocca Global Village on the Move programs are focused on participants' interests and strive for an understanding of the elements that drive business success in business ventures and partnerships in that part of the world market.

Attendee Profile

Seasoned business leaders, young professionals and college students, ages 25 to 40, learn together through unparalleled opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and share their regional experience and points of view. Working with like-minded business experts, facilitators, and other attendees, Iacocca Global Village on the Move participants share a unique learning experience that compliments their desires to be successful in the local, the regional and the global marketplace.