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"The idea for the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University emerged from the questions, How do you go about building global leadership? How do you demonstrate to people from different worlds that their commonalities are greater than their differences?" —Lee Iacocca

In 1988, in partnership with Lehigh alumnus and automotive icon Lee A. Iacocca '45, Lehigh University established the Iacocca Institute on its Mountaintop campus to provide innovative leadership, applied management and cross-cultural learning experiences.

Our primary mission is to improve participants’ leadership and entrepreneurship skills, to enhance their business and industry knowledge and to demonstrate the positive impact of culture and diversity in an organizational setting. 

Participants in Iacocca Institute programs:

  • Build global networks
  • Learn new best practices
  • Cultivate professional skills
  • Explore cultural diversity
  • Empower leadership in individuals and with organizations
  • Develop lifelong friendships

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