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Our advisors can help you find an international opportunity that meets your academic needs, fits your schedule and helps you achieve your goals. We can also help you find and apply for scholarships, grants and other funding.

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Deciding when, where, and how to study abroad might seem daunting, but we’re here to help! Send your questions to our Study Abroad team, or come into our office for in-person advising. 

NOTE: Students interested in the Iacocca International Internship program, please visit:

General questions? Just getting started? Want to check on the status of your application? 

Email your questions to and we’ll get back to you. 

Or, chat with us!


Chat available Monday - Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Chat with us for quick or general questions and those just getting started. 

STUDY ABROAD 101 Advising sessions

Academic year 23-24 through May 10th:

Tuesdays 4pm - 5pm, Christmas-Saucon 203
Fridays 2pm - 3pm, Christmas-Saucon 203

Register here (walk-ins welcome):

Study Abroad 101 is an introduction to the basics of studying abroad at Lehigh. Learn about opportunities, how and when to apply, how credits and funding work, and more. This session is open to all undergraduate students in any class year. Students should try to attend this meeting before meeting with their study abroad advisor if they are not going abroad in the coming six months.



We suggest you attend Study Abroad 101 before meeting with your advisor.

Some inquiries may be best addressed by meeting with an advisor, but general questions or requests may be handled more quickly via email.  You are welcome to email us at and we will provide a response or guide you toward next steps.

College of Business: Jodeen Joyner

College of Engineering: Brian Wasserman

College of Health: Katy Rene

College of Arts and Sciences: 

Not sure who to meet with?  Check here.

Meet the Advisors