Global Village

Global Village 2017 runs June 24 - July 29, 2017.

Program Brochure (pdf)

Attendee Profile

The Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry is an intensive, five-week program on the campus of Lehigh University that teaches adult professionals business, entrepreneurial and leadership skills while preparing them to thrive in a global community. Villagers will learn and live among a culturally diverse group of more than 90 peers from more than 45 countries. 

You will:

  • form business partnerships with a GV Alumni global network of 2,029 leaders from 135 countries,
  • develop your teamwork and entrepreneurial skills,
  • increase global business knowledge and cultural understanding levels, and
  • focus your career path while working with Iacocca staff to map an experience-based plan for success.

While living in a microcosm of the world wide community, Villagers develop a customized schedule of learning experiences that:

  • increase knowledge of business and industry,
  • teach, enhance and apply leadership skills,
  • develop entrepreneurial thought and action,
  • build and nurture powerful global networks,
  • develop and focus career path objectives, and
  • explore and leverage diverse environments.