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The Global Village is an intensive, immersive program based on a core set of experiences that you can customize to meet your needs.

It requires no academic prerequisites and delivers no traditional grades. Over five weeks, participants learn about ethical leadership, entrepreneurship and trends in business and industry through interactive experiences and real work projects. They attend learning sessions, not classes, and discussions, not lectures. They establish their own goals and objectives and work with program staff to map a customized and experience-based action plan. 

Program Sessions

Learn about critical topics affecting companies and organizational performance, professional skills and market trends from experienced international or domestic facilitators. Choose from more than 25 options to customize your program for your professional goals and objectives. Topics include:

  • Business and sector knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Global networking and best business practices

Business Consulting Projects

Work in a cross-cultural team to develop an appropriate business solution to an interest or problem faced by an international or U.S. organization. The project demands and deadlines are real, and so are the expectations that the project deliverables will be a success. Learn through total immersion how to use project management tools, leadership skills, teamwork and presentation skills. Experience the pressures and reap the rewards of delivering value to clients while working on a diverse team.

Company Experiences

Visit local businesses, from startup entrepreneurial ventures, including family-owned companies, to large global corporations, to see best practices, operational strategies and company dynamics in action and learn from the experts who own and manage those businesses. Typical topics include product or service overview, organization mission and vision, purpose and core competencies, local and global initiatives, social responsibility policies, strategic objectives, general operations throughout the company value chain, best practices, and other topics that make the company successful and unique.

Executive Visitors and Panels

Learning from ethical and experienced executives from large and small corporations, family-owned businesses and start-up companies. These senior executives explore paths to success, overturned failures, strategic partnerships, negotiation tips and their vision. Dynamic panel discussions focus on globalization, leadership, and alumni leadership.

New York and Washington, DC

Visit two of the United States’ iconic cities to experience business on a global scale. Tour major multinational businesses and meet with leaders at organizations like:

  • Bloomberg
  • Google
  • Izar Capital Group
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • United Nations
  • U.S. Capitol
  • World Bank

Country Presentations and Culture Nights

Practice presentation and speaking skills by sharing your country’s best business practices and pitch it as a potential for investment. And share the non-business culture of your country—music, dress, performance and food—at three social Culture Nights.

Villager-Led Sessions

Propose your own session to discuss global topics, hold an informal group seminar or share your expertise.