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The Global Citizenship Program invites students to cultivate an ethical stance, a critical way of thinking, and a committed mode of intervening in a world populated by others with whom we must co-create a viable future.

It emphasizes collaboration across disciplines, professions, and the human variety of cultural, political and other experiences. We welcome students from any college or major.

Whether you plan to be an engineer or an artist, head into the start-up world or go on to med school, we believe that a global citizenship orientation can critically inform both your personal life and professional practice. As a group, we will dive into the biggest questions humanity is grappling with:

How do we live with others, respecting difference without abandoning our beliefs or forcing others to assimilate to us? How do we find peaceful ways to disagree? How do we protect our planet and its non-human residents both now and for the future?

The program:

  • Offers a big picture focus around both philosophy and practice
  • Provides a frame and forum in which to make sense of your many experiences at Lehigh
  • Mixes coursework, experiential elements, less traditional projects and varied modes of practice
  • Includes a unique cohort experience 
  • Balances a critical lens with hope, seeking out positive examples of everyday and exemplary global citizenship practice


Recruiting will happen in spring for first-year students to begin in fall soph year, 2024.


While the Global Citizenship Program is open only to the accepted student cohorts, Global Citizenship electives are open to anyone.


15021 CGH 197-010 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good I

15096 CGH 197-011 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good II