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The Global Citizenship Practitioner-Leaders in Residence (GCP-L) is a one-year residency within the Office of International Affairs/Office of the AVP designed for a small group of sophomores who want to think deeply about how we transform ourselves, how we engage with diverse others, and how we create and sustain change in the world. The residency involves intense engagement with an intimate cohort that loosely represents the global majority in its make-up. Those who are invited to join come ready to do the deep personal work required to take on the world’s issues and ready to learn from one another. They are already considering taking part in later OIA engagements (Iacocca internships, study abroad, application for competitive fellowships, etc.) and looking towards a perhaps-undefined but decidedly global path ahead.

GCP-L invites a small group of students to cultivate self-awareness, their ability to understand and engage difference, and a sustainable mode of intervening in a world populated by others with whom we must co-create a viable future.

Whether you plan to be an engineer or an artist, head into the start-up world or work on social change policy, we believe that a global citizenship orientation can critically inform both your personal life and professional practice. As a group, we will dive into a few of the biggest questions humanity is grappling with:

  • How do we live well with others and respect difference without abandoning our beliefs or forcing others to assimilate to us?
  • How do we envision a better future for our planet, with its human and non-human residents, both now and for the future?
  • How do we habitually know and understand, how do we take action, and what other ways of knowing, seeing and taking action might exist?

The year-long residency includes:

  • two 8 a.m. courses (one in fall, one in spring);
  • an exploration of global citizenship, the varied ways of intervening positively in the world and how to think about sustaining this work given the enormity, urgency and complexity of global challenges;
  • a deep-dive into self-awareness and other-awareness based in our signature SOWL (self-other-world learning) approach;
  • an examination of other ways of being and knowing in the world and a consideration of the paradoxes, mysteries and conundrums of GC practice;
  • an offsite retreat over spring break (2025, Mexico) that coils around a GCP-L guest masterclass; and, finally,
  • the construction of applied global leadership capacities.

There are key reflections and deliverables for each quarter (TBD but things such as statements of global citizenship/global leadership philosophies; intellectual autobiography; personal development plan) with a final polished portfolio of the same due/resubmitted at the end of the residency.

The program is based in OIA’s SOWL (self other world learning) pedagogy. This approach is concerned with transforming and sustaining:

  • ourselves (we are the instruments of our work, meaning anything we plan or do can only be as good as we show up to it);
  • our relationships (we do everything with others who are always different than us);
  • and our world (including institutional/organizational + socio-historical systems, as well as natural and built environments).


Recruiting is now open for the Fall cohort. A required Zoom session for those interested in applying will be held on MONDAY, FEB. 26 at 5 pm. Please email Dr. Rodríguez at for the link.

The application link and brief faculty/staff recommendation link will be shared in the Zoom session. Applications are due Sunday, March 10.



While the Global Citizenship Practitioner-Leaders in Residence program is open only to the accepted student cohorts, Global Citizenship electives are open to anyone. 

SPRING 2023 (please note – these two courses will be rolled into one 4-credit course for fall with no other change). We hope to adding more electives shortly.

15021 CGH 197-010 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good I

15096 CGH 197-011 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good II