The Global Citizenship Initiative is an interdisciplinary certificate that prepares students for engaged living in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world for undergraduate students in any of Lehigh’s colleges.

Emphasizing critical analysis and value reflection, it structures educational experiences that enable students to learn to negotiate international boundaries and develop their own sense of personal, social and corporate responsibility to the global community.

The program is open to undergraduate students in any of Lehigh’s colleges. Students bring perspectives of their own disciplines to the fore as the group explores questions of what it means to be a global citizen as an engineer, or a businessperson, or an artist or a social or natural scientist.

It is a partnership between the Office of International Affairs and the College of Education. As part of OIA, Global Citizenship connects with Lehigh’s growing portfolio of international engagement. Dr. Bill Gaudelli, dean of the College of Education, has focused his scholarly research on global citizenship education, is a frequent keynoter internationally on global citizenship education and has decades of experience and thought leadership in this area. The COE also has a long-standing presence in international work which makes the partnership particularly valuable.

Application Process

To participate, interested students should enroll in GCP 010 during the spring term of their first year at Lehigh. This program is a pre-requisite for application to the program. More information about the application process will be available soon.

Program Requirements

The Certificate in Global Citizenship requires 19 credits and is open to students in any major. Students must complete:

  • Five core courses
    • GCP 010 Introduction to Global Citizenship
    • GCP 185 Cosmopolitanism and Culture I
    • GCP 186 Cosmopolitanism and Culture II
    • GCP 285 The Citizen and the City
    • GCP 385 Global Citizenship Capstone Course
  • Two electives approved by the program director
  • Two international experiences
    • 12-14 day faculty-led intersession trip abroad
    • Additional international experience of at least 4 weeks approved by the program director

Learn more about these requirements in the Lehigh Course Catalog.

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