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Global Teaching and Learning Fellows in Mexico (GTLF-M)

The future-makers of Lehigh will construct whatever next, better iteration of our world is possible in co-collaboration with peers from around the world. They will do so in applied, real-life, real-time situations and within contexts of difference, complexity and often-unpredictable change. Immersive global learning experiences, whether just off campus or out of the country, offer students opportunities to open up to new ways of being, new ways of knowing and new ways of resolving problems with others.

The Global Teaching and Learning Fellows in Mexico opportunity aims to support and empower faculty who want to support and empower students to do this. We gather an interdisciplinary faculty cohort and fund travel and participation in this opportunity.





Please click here for full info before applying.

Please click here to apply. The deadline is Jan 30th. Decisions to be made by Feb 10.