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Global Teaching and Learning Fellows in Mexico (GTLF-M)

The future-makers of Lehigh will construct whatever next, better iteration of our world is possible in co-collaboration with peers from around the world. They will do so in applied, real-life, real-time situations and within contexts of difference, complexity and often-unpredictable change. Immersive global learning experiences, whether just off campus or out of the country, offer students opportunities to open up to new ways of being, new ways of knowing and new ways of resolving problems with others.

The Global Teaching and Learning Fellows in Mexico opportunity aims to support and empower faculty who want to support and empower students to do this. We gather an interdisciplinary faculty cohort and fund travel and participation in this opportunity.

2024 Fellows:

 Brook Sawyer is a Professor in the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Program, College of Education. Her research centers on enhancing the language and literacy development of preschool-aged children, namely children with disabilities and multilingual learners, through empowering parents and early childhood teachers.  Her interest in global teaching and learning is focused on developing immersive or virtual experiences for preservice and inservice teachers to promote culturally and linguistically responsive practices.

 Dr. Carolyn (Carly) Camplain (Comanche) is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Health Law and Policy at the College of Health at Lehigh University. She is a researcher and a lawyer focused on social and structural determinants, systemic racism, and health inequities; disparate impact of laws and policies; and Indigenous and Western scientific and legal research methods and theoretical frameworks. Through community-based research, Dr. Camplain fosters cross-sector collaborations with communities and institutions to improve the well-being of Indigenous people while incarcerated. As for teaching, the same commitment to promoting diversity and cultural understanding that propels her research drives and informs her teaching philosophy. Relevance to personal experience and resonance with one’s worldview is fundamental to fully comprehending new material. In her teaching, she encourages students’ natural tendency to strive toward understanding through the lens of their own experience and advocates for them to do so in a global and theoretical context. 

 Ho‘oulunonalani (Hoo) Hee is an Assistant Professor of Design-Product and Affiliated Faculty in the Institute for Indigenous Studies. Her research centers on the creation of playful objects with a focus on: 1) the perpetuation and dissemination of Native Hawaiian knowledge, and 2) novel solutions for the design, construction, and application of paper engineering.  Hoo works across the fields of paper engineering, toy, puppetry, and experiential design. Project clients include Disney, Apple TV, LG, Target, and SNL. She holds an interdisciplinary BS in architecture and mechanical engineering from MIT, and a MFA in furniture design from RISD.

 Hugo Ceron-Anaya is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Lehigh University. Ceron-Anaya’s research focuses on analyzing economic elites, primarily in Mexico and Brazil. He authored a book titled "Privilege at Play: Class, Race, Gender, and Golf in Mexico" (Oxford University Press, 2019), which examines social inequalities and privilege in contemporary Mexico. In 2020, his book won the "Outstanding Book Award" by the North American Society for the Study of Sports. In 2021, Ceron-Anaya became a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS) in Guadalajara, Mexico. During the fall semester, he conducted research on the role played by local elites in the transformation of urban life in Guadalajara. In 2023, he was granted a Fulbright Specialist award and became a visiting researcher at the Federal University of Ceará in Brazil, where he participated in a research project on elites, sports, and racial privilege in this nation. At Lehigh, he has taught courses on race and ethnicity in the Americas, sociology of sports, Latinx communities, social theory, and sociology of immigration. 

 Dr. Krista Liguori is a multidisciplinary scientist with specific interests in antimicrobial resistance and global environmental health and justice. Dr. Liguori has experience working on national Human Health Standards and Criteria at the US EPA, conducting state-wide HIV and STI surveillance for the state of Texas, and conducting international research projects in several countries, particularly in Central and South America. She is passionate about empowering students and young professionals to pursue their dreams and have unique, engaging educational experiences both in the US and abroad.

 Lilia Adriana Pérez Limón is an Assistant Professor at Lehigh University in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Her primary research engages contemporary Mexican culture through the lens of disability. Dr. Pérez Limón is currently working on a book project, tentatively titled Screening Disability: Mexican Documentary Film in the 21st Century. This project considers cultural production in Mexico from the 21stcentury that illuminates the role of media in forming cultural assumptions about ability, the construction of disability via media technologies, and how (dis)abled audiences respond to particular media artifacts. 

 Renée Bailey is a teaching assistant professor for the Department of English. Primarily, Renée teaches first-year writing and creative nonfiction. Their writing and pedagogy emphasize social justice themes and rhetorical responses to those themes. Renée’s work appears in Midwestern GothicGingerbread House, and others. They were a semi-finalist in the 2019 Key West Literary Seminar’s Cecelia Joyce Johnson Award and a runner-up in the 2019 Francis Ponge Prize for Prose Poetry at The Raw Art Review. Though having lived in the south for 12 years, Renée is originally from Ohio and a lifelong supporter of the Cincinnati Reds.

 Stephanie Prevost is a Professor of Practice of Law at Lehigh’s College of Business. Prior to teaching, she held legal and business roles in the private sector, including as COO/General Counsel of a boutique investment advisory firm that focused on utility-scale renewable financing. Stephanie is an active member of the Lehigh Valley community, serving on boards of different non-profits and providing pro bono consulting services to non-profits throughout the greater Philadelphia area. 

 Thomas Chen is an associate professor of Chinese in the department of Modern Languages and Literatures. He loves teaching and writing about literature and film.