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The Global Union is a coalition of student clubs and organizations with a focus on intercultural education and collaboration. We welcome new clubs to join at any time.

The benefits of GU membership can include:

  • Funding for events
  • Participation in International Education Week events
  • Networking with like-minded clubs and club leaders
  • Email and social media blasts to students, faculty and staff to help market events

To apply for membership:

1. Complete the Global Union Member Club Application

2. Selected clubs will be invited to attend a GU E-Board meeting to present. Your invite will come via email.

3. Prepare a 5 minute presentation to describe your club and how it fits with the GU mission. Five minutes will also be held for the GU to ask questions.

4. The GU will review and discuss your application and presentation and notify you within 1 week of your GU membership status.

Membership requires:

  • Appointing a GU Representative who will attend our monthly Rep Board meetings
  • Hosting one internationally focused educational, cultural or social event per semester

Join the Global Union Executive Board

The Global Union consists of 1 President and 5 Vice-Presidents. Elections and re-elections will be held each April. Please check back closer to that time for more information, or check our Instragram @Lehigh_GU


President* - Serve on the University-created Council of Student Presidents and related entities, represent the Global Union to the Lehigh community, be responsible for the Global Union affairs, preside over all Executive Board meetings, manage GU branding efforts with the Vice President, and work closely with the GU Director in all matters concerning the GU.  

Vice President* - Assist the President to oversee the GU organization, especially for branding efforts and alumni relations. Responsible for International Week logistics, supporting Executive Board programming initiatives, and acting on behalf of the President when needed. 

* Anyone running for the above positions must be a current member of the GU Executive Board.

Vice President of Internal Affairs - Recorder of official minutes of all Executive Board meetings, and maintainer of all membership rosters and records. Responsible social media and marketing designs related to our clubs & events.

Vice President for Graduate Student Outreach - Responsible for recruitment of graduate clubs and the maintenance of relationships with current graduate club member organizations. This position may only be occupied by a Masters or Doctoral student.

Vice President for Club Relations - Responsible for new club recruitment, attending club meetings, assisting club development and running Representative Board meetings

Vice President for Internal Programs - Responsible for creating collaborative programming that brings GU clubs together to develop larger scale events and enhance club participation in the GU. Additionally, this member coordinates and supports the GU Ambassadors.