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The Global Union is a coalition of 45+ student clubs and organizations with an international or cultural focus. We welcome new clubs to join at any time.

The benefits of GU membership can include:

  • Funding for events
  • Assistance with marketing and design
  • Networking with 40+ like-minded clubs
  • Email and social media blasts to 2,000+ students, faculty and staff

To apply for membership, ask your club president to

  • Send an email to the GU President, and Director, making them aware of your club's interest in becoming a member of the GU
  • Prepare a short presentation about your club to the GU board
  • Attend a GU board meeting and present your club.

The GU board will then review the presentation, ask questions about the club, then vote on membership. Assuming all goes well, your club will become a GU member on the spot.

Membership requires:

  • Appointing a GU Representative who will attend our bi-weekly meetings
  • Hosting one internationally focused educational, cultural or social event per semester