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The Global Union is an organization led by a group of international and U.S. students that promotes diversity, inclusion, and cultural immersion on the Lehigh University campus and in the local community.

Global Union Executive Board

Hareem Zafar Khattak

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Nowshera, Pakistan
Year: Gr. Class of 2022
 Role: President

Hareem is a second-year graduate student pursuing her masters in English Literature. Joining Lehigh during a global pandemic definitely made her experience GU very differently than all years previously did—virtual; but her experiences and memories of attending those events from her hometown during midnight (with a 12-hour time difference), nevertheless, helped her make a stronger bond with the Lehigh community! Apart from her involvement with the GU as the VP, she is also serving as the secretary of the Lehigh Graduate Student Senate, and is involved with the Lehigh Fulbright Association. Genuinely thrilled to finally forge in-person human connections, Hareem is looking forward to working with the amazing student body this coming year, and bring back to you the original GU swag!

Julia Wilczynski

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Warren, New Jersey

Year: Class of 2025

Role: VP of Club Relations

Hello! My name is Julia Wilczynski and I am serving as the VP of Club Relations. I intend to major in political science and international relations. Coming from an immigrant household, culture and international education have always been near and dear to my heart. I am fluent in Polish, Spanish, and English and it is my goal to learn a new language in the coming years. Being part of the Global Union is an opportunity to not only develop a deepened understanding of numerous cultures, but more importantly enrich the outreach of the international community at Lehigh.

Alicia Zhang

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Year: Class of 2025

Role: VP of Internal Programing

Alicia Zhang will be serving as the VP of Internal Programing for the GU this year. She is currently in the Arts and Sciences and planning to transfer over to Business School for CSB. She is interested in art, literature, and is planning to be very active in volunteering at Lehigh. She was previously a secretary of her HS's National Honor Society. At Lehigh she is also in the Accounting Club, Artists for Change, Running Club, Anime Club, etc. She wants to give everyone an equal voice on important issues, and raise awareness of the international student community.

Hasan Jashari

Pronouns: he/him/his

Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium

Year: Class of 2024

Role: VP of Member Programing

Hasan is serving as the GU's VP of Member Programing. He is double majoring in Economics and International Relations. After having been fully remote for his first year at Lehigh, he is eager to get involved on campus. After being an Orientation Leader, a LU Ambassador, and UN Youth Representative, he is now looking forward to joining the Global Union E-board. Growing up as a Kosovar/Albanian in Belgium and having gone through an international school in Singapore before he came to Lehigh, Hasan truly values diversity and inclusion and the added value it brings to a community. Together with the Global Union, he hopes to strengthen this within the Lehigh Community and ensure that it is a safe space where everyone can be themselves and where we can all learn from each other, in and outside the classroom, about academics, but also different cultures and the world around us.

Swati Lakshmi Palghat

Pronouns - she/her/hers

Hometown - Bengaluru, India

Year - Gr. Class of 2022

Role: VP of Graduate Student Outreach

Swati, is a second year graduate student pursuing Master’s in Healthcare Systems Engineering. Her first year at Lehigh was a very different yet an exciting experience in the midst of the pandemic. She is passionate to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and thrilled to learn about food, language and traditions. As the Vice President for Graduate Student Outreach she is excited to share the world in all its glory with Lehigh through the Global Union!

Steven Escobar-Mendez

Pronouns - He, Him, His

Hometown - Washington D.C

Year - Class of 2022

Role: Lead GU Ambassador & VP for Internal Affairs

Steven is currently a senior double-majoring in Political Science and Global Studies with minors in Real Estate, Anthropology, and Sociology. He is excited to be Vice President of Internal Affairs as well as the main force behind the upcoming rebuilt Global Ambasadors Program. He has hopes to expand his horizon of opportunities at Lehigh and believe that being a part of the Global Union is a great step forward. He has always been interested in different cultures rather than merely his own because of where he grew up. He was around people from all over Latin America so that evolved into a desire to travel and learn about different cultures very much. He ultimatly wishes to help show the diversity already present at Lehigh.