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GU Ambassadors

Hongyu Chen (Hanna)

Year: 2025

Major: Undecided, College of Business

Hometown: Chongqing, China

For me, global diversity is a way to make the world become more inclusive. It makes every world citizen with a diverse, unique cultural background feel included and proud of what they represent and significant. Global diversity is also the first step toward human harmony since it allows us to interact with one another and work together to attain a common goal. By participating in this program, I hope I’m able to strive for global diversity, integrate individuals into the Lehigh community and help them have their voice be heard. I also hope that I will be able to provide each of them with the opportunity to show their culture to a wider audience.

Xin Chen

Year: 2023
Major: Architecture and Economics
Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Diversity means different cultures and ideas to me. Lehigh has students having tens of different nationalities. As an ambassador of the Global Union, I want to explore more cultures and thoughts for human beings in this position. Moreover, It is also important to introduce my own country to the whole Lehigh family.

Amy Liao

Year: 2025
Major: Undecided
Hometown: New York, USA

The world is made up of so many diverse areas, and within each area consists of many unique cultures and people. I want to be able to spread and expose these cultures to people who have either never experienced them before or know little about it. Sometimes, culture from one area may seem odd to people from other cultures, but that is because of a special history they have yet to discover. It is the willingness to try out new things that fascinates me as people try to understand and create this uniform community of welcomeness and appreciation. 

Renzo Medina

Year: 2025
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Hometown: Lima, Peru

Global Diversity means endless cultures, meeting up with each other and showing their viewpoint about common concerns. Cultures are represented by people who keep growing throughout the years and are looking forward to giving the world phenomenon things they popping up around their countries, just being themselves. In that way, I hope by far to be involved in cultural events and help out to set up them. Then, I will be learning outstanding points of view around the globe, with their own traditions, colors, and nuances which I cannot wait to get to know them.


Year: 2025
Major: Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering 
Hometown: Chandigarh, India

'Diversity is having a seat at the table; Inclusion is having a voice; and Belonging is having that voice be heard.'
This is the goal that we need to work towards as a group of unique individuals by promoting Leader's Language instead of Victim's Vocabulary.

Ghay Soe

Year: 2025
Major: Global Studies, International Relations and Economics
Hometown: Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

What Global Diversity means to me is that, it is the unity of people from all across the world coming together to celebrate and learn about different cultures, languages, traditions and other more, despite our differences. As an ambassador for Global Union, I hope to promote and acknowledge the rich cultural diversity here at Lehigh University, making sure that students are aware of different events that are happening. I will also provide sporting services for different events. 

Jamiez Vo

Year: 2025
Major: Architecture
Home country: Vietnam

Fortunately, during my high school years, I had many opportunities to meet people from around the world and listen to their unique stories. Emerging in a diverse community, I have learned different cultural customs and perspectives which helped me develop my critical thinking towards multiple global issues. Embracing the value of global diversity, I appreciate every chance to express my own identity and celebrate others as well! With my role as a Global Union Ambassador, I hope to meet and listen to more diverse stories, share ideas to strengthen the club's mission, and support Lehigh's diverse community by participating and organizing more mind-blowing cultural events! 

Anarbek Yelshibayev

Year: 2023 (M.Ed.)
Major: Educational Leadership
Hometown: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

The Lehigh community is very diverse, and I would like to use this fact to further develop my intercultural awareness. Helping organize a wide array of activities in the framework of GU, I would like to promote its ideas and objectives. This will definitely hone my leadership and organizational skills. Moreover, as an international student, I can relate to the issues many other non-US students face, so I could help out whenever possible.