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Founded in 2008, Lehigh University's United Nations Youth Representative Program matches UN-accredited NGOs with high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students who serve as that NGO’s voice at the United Nations. It was the world’s first United Nations Youth Representative Program.

We work with NGOs on six continents and focus on a wide range of issues, including environmental sustainability, gender equality and justice, LGBT+ rights, global health, international peace, and many more.

Youth Representatives meet with global decision makers, participate in international conferences, and moderate briefings broadcast worldwide. Our Youth Representatives speak on the floor of the General Assembly and advocate on a variety of platforms related to agenda at the United Nations and worldwide.

Current Youth Representatives

More than one hundred students have served at the United Nations as Youth Representatives. Ranging from first-year undergraduates to Ph.D. students, Youth Representatives visit the United Nations once per month to attend briefings, conferences and private meetings with UN officials on behalf of their NGO. See the current Youth Reps >