Short-Term Programs

A variety of credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing study abroad programs are offered during the winter break, summer, spring break, and pacing break time periods. These programs can last anywhere from one to ten weeks and may include course work, research, internships, and/or community service.


Winter - Credit

Lehigh in Costa Rica

Lehigh in Cuba  

Lehigh in Rome      

Lehigh in Munich  

Lehigh in South Korea   

CBE Singapore-Vietnam

Summer - Credit                                                                    

Lehigh in Belgium                                                                      

Lehigh in Bermuda - Oceans & Human Health                            

Lehigh in Ghana - Globalization & Health                                                    

Lehigh in Ireland                                                                                                 

Lehigh in Italy, "The Veneto"                                                    

Lehigh in London - Technology & Healthcare                            

Lehigh in Paris 

Lehigh in Prague

Lehigh in Scotland 

Lehigh in Shanghai

Summer - No Credit

Costa Rica - Internship

United States Indonesia Partnership Program

ServeAbroad Antigua

Iacocca Internships

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Summer - Exchange Programs

China, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Summer Exchange

Germany: University of Dortmund Summer Exchange


Summer - Partner Programs

Germany: Engineering the German Way, University of Pittsburgh/Munich

Germany: Engineers Made in Germany (EMIG), Horschule Pforzheim University

Italy: Italian Language, LVAIC - DeSales

Spain: Spanish Language, LVAIC - DeSales

Germany: German Language, LVAIC - Lafayette

China, Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Summer Exchange

China, Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Summer Research Program




During summer and winter breaks, students may choose to attend an external program. This is an independent search process. It is recommended that students check in with the Study Abroad Office to make sure their program choice has academic quality and strong student support services.