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A modest travel grant is available to doctoral students who need financial assistance to travel abroad for work related to their research.

Travel grants of up to $1,500 are made on a competitive basis, and are contingent upon available financial resources.

These grants may be used to fund travel abroad for the purpose of attending a conference to make a presentation or conducting research or scholarly work. Grants are awarded for future travel—they cannot be used retroactively.

    These grants are only available to doctoral students, and they must be used for travel outside the United States. Upon their return, grant recipients are expected to document how they used the grant by providing receipts for expenses as well as submitting either a written report or making a public presentation. Reimbursements will be given after the written report has been submitted or presentation has been made. Recipients have 4-6 weeks after returning to campus from travel to submit/present.

    The DTG-GO review committee is:

    • Tom Hammond, Associate Dean of the College of Education
    • Kathleen Hutnik, Associate Dean for Graduate Student Life
    • Dominic Packer, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences
    • John Coulter, Associate Dean for Research and Operations
    • Oliver Yao, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the College of Business and Economics

    Please Note: Given that our funds are limited and must cover the entire year, applicants may not be awarded the full amount they request. Students may receive no more than one Doctoral Travel Grant for Global Opportunities per year.

    If you have questions, please contact Jen Topp at

    How to Apply

    Applications are considered three times a year, with the following deadlines:

    • September 15
    • February 15
    • May 15

    The application will open on January 15, 2019 for the next round of grants.

    Examples of Successful Proposals

    Justin Ewigleben, physics, will present at a conference in Venice, Italy. Read the proposal (pdf).

    Andrew Hermeling, history, presented at a conference in Winnipeg, Canada. Read the proposal (pdf).

    Brandon Horan, physics, presented at a conference in Saarbrucken, Germany. Read the proposal (pdf).

    Jonathan Stelling, earth and environmental sciences, will conduct research in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Read the proposal (pdf).

    Xingyue Zhang, information systems and supply chain management, will present at a conference in Seoul, Korea. Read the proposal (pdf).