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Running plastic pollution out of town step by step

Sam Bencheghib is passionate about adventure and the environment. The 22-year-old athlete and environmental activist’s voice is enthusiastic and exuberant about his quest to raise awareness about the world’s plastic pollution crisis.

A More Equitable Approach to Health Research

A Lehigh-funded project relies on researchers in Ghana, Uganda and Guatemala to lead in the examination of short-term medical missions from the host countries’ perspectives.

Lehigh Places First Intern at UN Geneva

Brian Letts fed his passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship as a graduate student enrolled in Lehigh’s Environmental Policy Design program - and now, he’ll be the first United Nations intern from Lehigh to serve in Geneva, Switzerland.

Opening Doors, Changing Lives

As Lehigh expands its efforts to help students from all backgrounds find a place on South Mountain, four Mountain Hawks share in their own words why those efforts matter—to them, to their families and to their future.