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The International Travel Advisory Committee (ITAC) is responsible for reviewing and approving all Lehigh-sponsored international programs and travel involving undergraduate and graduate students. ITAC focuses on issues related to the health, safety and logistics of such travel. Lehigh-sponsored student international travel includes experiences that receive funding of any amount from any Lehigh department/office, or experiences that are organized, directed, or coordinated by the university. This includes, but is not limited to: for-credit study abroad programs, travel with a Lehigh University group as part of a non-credit educational experience, travel for research, co-curricular programming, Lehigh student club travel, and conference attendance. 

ITAC does not exercise academic oversight of international programs. Courses taught completely or partially abroad are subject to the policies and requirements of the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty of Lehigh University, the Educational Policy Committee, and the Graduate Research Committee.

ITAC members from the Office for International Affairs (OIA) have extensive knowledge in planning and executing abroad programs, as well as a large network of international partners and resources.  Faculty, staff or students preparing for a program that includes University-sponsored international travel are advised to meet with a designated representative from ITAC during the initial planning stages to review program models/options, discuss pitfalls to avoid, and review planning resources available. ITAC is available to facilitate and guide through the planning process from early brainstorming through program launch.  Consulting with ITAC throughout the process will facilitate program development that aligns with University policy and best practices.

ITAC review may include an iterative process as ITAC works with program leaders or individual travelers to gather needed information.  For new programs, this process may take 4-6 weeks. Importantly, none of the following may occur prior to ITAC review: student selection and notification, signing of contracts with vendors, payments for services, or confirmation of faculty/staff program leaders.   As such, program leaders or individual travelers are expected to initiate the ITAC review process several months before any such program details need to be completed.

For more information regarding ITAC, please contact Dr. Cheryl Matherly, Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs, or Katie Radande, Director of Study Abroad.


International Student Travel Abroad Policy 

The International Student Travel Abroad Policy can be found and downloaded here.


ITAC travel forms

Prior to meeting with ITAC, program leaders should complete the ITAC travel forms


ITAC Members

Find a full list of the ITAC Committee Members here.


Resources for additional information regarding travel safety