The Global Citizenship Practitioner-Leaders in Residence (GCP-L) is a one-year program for sophomores

Lehigh University’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) welcomes the new cohort of rising sophomores in the Global Citizenship Practitioner-Leaders in Residence (GCP-L) program.

GCP-L is a one-year residency designed for a small group of sophomores from across Lehigh's colleges who want to think deeply about how we transform ourselves, how we engage with diverse others, and how we create and sustain change in the world, according to Angelina Rodríguez, Assistant Vice Provost for Global Learning and Teaching Associate Professor, College of Health.

"I love directing this because those who join are already considering taking part in a range of global opportunities at Lehigh and looking towards a global path ahead in service of creating a more just, sustainable world," Rodríguez said.

GCP-L – a revamped version of the Global Citizenship Program – involves intense engagement with an intimate and diverse cohort during two cohort-based courses over sophomore year.

Students also participate in a spring offsite in Mexico that includes an advanced masterclass with local university peers, site visits to innovative projects dedicated to social change work, and other hands-on engagements and encounters.

OIA offers its congratulations to our new of cohort participants:

  • Amayah Wade
  • Ana Sofia Mendoza
  • Giselle Morin
  • Henry Scott
  • Hilary Wong
  • Kamoi Davis
  • Mahawa Bangoura
  • Naisha Vieux
  • Nancy Henry-Naibo
  • Sabine Dalais
  • Shae Billmyer
  • Shanti Edouard
  • Uwaela Aimufua Agmontaen
  • Vanessa Muñoz Hernández
  • Vini Jaiswal