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Get a head start on your university experience with the Virtual College Success Academy (VCSA) for new first-year students starting at Lehigh in fall semester.

Competitive Provost's Scholarship for VSCA Summer Tuition Available for Qualifying Students

The First-Year College Success Academy includes an online, live and interactive course focused on Preparation for University Life and Language (3 credits for undergraduates, 1 credit for graduate students). In the course, you will learn about university culture, develop your academic communication and study skills, and engage virtually with Lehigh teachers, staff and students on campus. Specifically, you will meet online with the teacher and other students as a whole class at times, and at other times you will meet individually with the teacher and in small groups online. By the end of VCSA, you will be more comfortable coming to Lehigh, and you will be ready to succeed in your classes and on campus.

In the First-Year College Success Academy, you will:

  • Interview and engage with Lehigh staff, students, and professors
  • Make new friends and communicate informally outside of class
  • Learn how to and give multi-modal presentations using innovative technology
  • Learn how to communicate with your professors and advisors
  • Engage in academic discussions and improve argumentation skills
  • Take virtual tours with current Lehigh students
  • Learn about university resources for success
  • Participate in virtual campus social events

Program Details

New international undergraduate students and transfer students will receive the Provost's scholarship to cover VCSA tuition. All other students will pay the per-credit tuition rate for summer session credits.


First-Year College Success Academy

(for international undergraduates, transfers, and exchanges)


July 5th to August 11th, 2023

Application Deadline (exchange students): May 30, 2023 with $50 application fee

*Full Tuition Payment for Exchange Student by July 7, 2023

Application Deadline (all other students): June 20, 2023 (earlier application submission encouraged) with $50 application fee

Apply Now

PAY APPLICATION FEE $50 (Non-Refundable)

To learn more about the program, watch the student video testimonial below or sign up for a virtual information session. Please note, all times are in Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

Information Sessions:

April 14, 2023, and May 19, 2023, 8:30-9:45 a.m. (New York time)

Learn More about the Instructors

Learn About the Program

First-Year VCSA: ENG 012

First-Year VCSA: ENG 012

What is VCSA?

What is VCSA?