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The Iacocca Institute, which was established in 1988, is home to the innovative leadership experiences.

Through these experiences our participants, staff and leadership have connected with the community and our partners around the globe. This archive reflects a few of these memorable moments as captured in both local and international media.

Africa Comes to Lehigh

Lehigh's Iacocca Institute developed and ran a six-week Academic and Leadership Institute in Business and Entrepreneurship for 25 Mandela Washington Fellows.

July 2017

Another Encore for Global Village

The Iacocca Institute’s Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry marked its 21st anniversary this summer when 100 young adults from 53 countries converged on campus.

August 2017

Global Village Creating Network of Future International Business Leaders

Lehigh Valley Economic Development highlights the Global Village as a success story. 2016

A global, miracle match

The Taney Dragons may be Philadelphia's sweetheart in baseball, but here in the Lehigh Valley we have the Miracle League, where every child has the opportunity to hit, score, and win. Helping the children were interns from the Lehigh University Global Village program. 2014

How One Creative Entrepreneur Can Change the Game

At AMCHAM’s recent ABAL, Brandt explored the idea of disruptive leaders and how they can influence an entire industry through their vision and drive. Read the complete publication HERE. 2014

You Become a Better Version of Yourself

Lehigh’s Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry, now in its 18th year, is playing host this summer to 88 people from 50 countries. 2014

From Vietnam to Lehigh to New York City

Oftentimes the most involved students on Lehigh’s campus leave lasting impact on the university and achieve the greatest success after graduation. 2013

Exploring space with Marsha Ivins

When a NASA shuttle rockets through Earth’s atmosphere, the astronauts on board experience a range of emotions. As the craft soars into the environment beyond our planet, some even feel physically ill due to the change in gravity. July 2013

Global Village on the Move Italy featured in Geneva Group International Insider

Participant reviews, pages 19-21 September 2012

From 55 countries to one Global Village

June 26, 2012

Keys to success in the global marketplace

April 20, 2012

Global Village creates international network of young leaders

June 30, 2011

Global Village hosts Oscar-winner Dreyfuss

July 20, 2010

Global Village prepares future leaders to do business across borders

June 25, 2009

Celebration goes global

July 23, 2009

Global Village visitors serve as angels in the outfield

July 21, 2009

Global Village makes "the world feel smaller"

August 09, 2007

Lehigh Is Host To A Global Village: U.S. Executives Work With Group Of Students From Many Nations And Backgrounds

July 06, 2000

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This is the Global Village

This is the Global Village

A Global Village

A Global Village

Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive 2017

Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive 2017

PSGE Photo Slideshow 2016

PSGE Photo Slideshow 2016