Faculty Grant Award History


David Anastasio, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Cameron Wesson, Lucy G. Moses Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, will develop research collaborations in paleoanthropology and landscape evolution with colleagues in Spain. Read the proposal (PDF).

Steven McIntosh, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, will visit the University of Tor Vergata, in Rome, Italy, to study energy efficient solid oxide cells for power generation and renewable energy storage and explore opportunities for student exchange. Read the proposal (PDF).

Martin Takáč, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, will travel to ETH Zürich to expand his research in designing new and efficient algorithms for solving large-scale optimization problems and to learn about new ways to teach about data science. Read the proposal (PDF).

Sihong Xie, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, is visiting Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to explore the fundamental commonalities and differences in online behaviors and linguistic patterns of users from different countries. Read the proposal (PDF).


Arindam Banerjee, P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, collaborated with colleagues at the University of Manchester, UK, on the study of the ynamic interactions of Hydrokinetic Energy systems with their river and oceanic environments. Read the proposal (PDF).

Robert Booth, Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, met with a colleague at the Institute for Sustainable Development at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, to study the paleoecology and climate-sensitivity of high-altitude Andean ecosystems and eplore opportunities for graduate student training and undergraduate research experiences. Read the proposal (PDF).

Jenna Lay, Assistant Professor of English, explored collaborations in the humanities, especially between faculty and graduate students in English, with NUI Galway. Read the proposal (PDF).

Frank Pazzaglia, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, traveled to central and southern Italy to build research and educational connections with several universities focused on active tectonics. Read the proposal (PDF)

Charles Stevens, Assistant Professor of Management, visited Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan, to visit a research partner and study comparative management practices. Read the proposal (PDF).

Damien Thévenin, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, visited the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology and the University of Toulouse III in Toulouse, France, to study possible new cancer treatments with colleagues. Read the proposal (PDF).


Kwame Essien, Assistant Professor History Department & Africana Studies, met with with faculty members at Ashesi University College (AUC) in Ghana and visited possible activity sites for establishing the first "Lehigh-Ashesi Service Learning Program" in 2016.  Read the proposal (PDF).

Chad D. Meyerhoefer, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, visited the National University of Ireland, Galway in order to strengthen ties between the students and faculty affiliated with Lehigh's Ph.D. program in business and economics and NUl Galway's graduate programs in economics.  Read the proposal (PDF).

H. Daniel Ou-Yang, Physics and Bioengineering, visited Nottingham (UK) to establish international collaboration in research and education the areas of biophysics and in the area of the influence of mechanical and material environment to stem cell differentiation.  Read the proposal (PDF).


Saladin Ambar, Department of Political Science, went to Paris to study international dimension of the struggle for racial justice and political rights for racial and ethnic minorities. Read the proposal (PDF).

Kiri Lee, Associate Professor, MLL/Director, Asian Studies Program, went to Japan to develop an official exchange with Kanazawa University. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Anne Meltzer, Professor and Trembley Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences traveled to Indonesia to explore joint research opportunities in subduction zone dynamics (earthquakes and faulting) and associated hazards, graduate student exchanges, and joint undergraduate international field experiences. Read the proposal (PDF).

Natasha Vermaak, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics visited France to enhance and develop collaborations with the University of Grenoble and partners in the area of computational materials design.  Read the proposal (PDF).

David A. Vicic, Department of Chemistry, went to United Kingdom to develop new collaborative ideas for research and teaching between my labs and the labs at the University of Oxford. Read the proposal (PDF).

Zach G. Zacharia, Associate Professor, Management Department, CBE traveled to India to develop research collaborations with faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Read the proposal (PDF).


John Fox, from the civil and environmental engineering department, went to Germany to study pollution prevention technologies for foundries. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Corinne Post, from the management department, went to Switzerland to study how perceptions shape behavior on boards of directors. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Arup SenGupta, from the civil and environmental engineering department, went to Israel to develop collaboration with Technion University in membrane desalination research. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Dimitrios Vavylonis, from the physics department, went to Switzerland to study mating partner selection by fission. Read the proposal (PDF).

Cameron Wesson, from the sociology and anthropology department, went to England to propose collaboration with the University of York on the archaeologies of poverty. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Chao Zhou, from the electrical and computer engineering department, went to China to study optical biopsy using optical coherence technology. Read the report (PDF).


Robert Flowers, from the chemistry department, went to Israel to study the design and development of sustainable chemical processes. Read the proposal (PDF).

Nitzan Lebovic, from the history department, went to Germany to study presentations of prophecy. Read the proposal (PDF).

Muhannad Suleiman, from the civil and environmental engineering department, went to Qatar to study the heat transfer and soil-structure interaction of pipelines. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Linda Lowe-Krentz, from the biological sciences department, went to Ireland to evaluate microbiology programs and biochemistry research collaboration at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Clay Naito, from the civil and environmental engineering department, went to Italy to study blast resistance and structural integrity of structures. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Linghai Zhang, from the mathematics department, went to China to study the explicit bounded traveling wave solutions of the Fitzhugh-Nagumo Equations. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).


Gordon Bearn, from the philosophy department, went to Peru to connect with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Michael Burger, from the biological sciences department, went to Germany to study simultaneous pre- and postsynaptic activity. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Nandini Deo, from the political science department, went to India to establish an annual internship for Lehigh students at Gateway House. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Catherine Ridings, from the management department, went to Ireland to study online behavior and social networking in virtual communities and the use of information technology in local food systems. Read the proposal (PDF).

Masashi Watanabe, from the materials science and engineering department, went to Japan to study gum metal. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Zicheng Yu, from the earth and environmental sciences department, went to Germany to develop international modeling collaborations on peatlands and the global carbon cycle. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).


A. Peet Hickman, from the physics department, went to France to learn about methods of modeling chemical reactions. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Nik Nikolov, from the art, architecture and design department, went to Germany to study geometry, building units and methods of construction in masonry veneer wall systems. Read the proposal (PDF) and proposal (PDF).

Matthew Sanderson, from the sociology and anthropology department, went to Switzerland to present research and a colloquium talk at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies. Read the proposal (PDF).

Tanya Saunders, from the sociology and anthropology department, went to Brazil to develop research with the Laboratory for Ethnography and Studies on Communication, Culture and Cognition at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).