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We are proud to recognize and congratulate Lehigh students, alumni and faculty who have received competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Boren Scholars


  1. Hiwot Demelash ’22 in Ethiopa
  2. Dan Rudiak ’23 in Morocco
  3. Emma Santini ’22 in Indonesia


  1. Toni Isreal '17 in Jordan

Critical Language Scholars


  1. Ari Ehrenfeucht '23 in Russian
  2. Busara Hall '23 in Mandarin
  3. Nick Masri '23 in Mandarin
  4. Dan Rudiak '23 in Morocco 
  5. Nicholas Masri ’23 in Chinese


  1. Samantha Margolis '21 in Arabic


  1. Diana Rivas Garcia '19 in Mandarin

DAAD Rise Scholars in Germany


  1. Caleb Geren '25 
  2. Kathleen Gifford '24 
  3. Andrew Koerner '24
  4. Prabin Panta '24
  5. Alexandra Wnuk '25


  1. Nina Cialone ’24 
  2. Muhammed Delen ’24
  3. Giavanna Gast ’24
  4. Lauryn Holgado ’24
  5. Josie Koelsch ’23


  1. Jack Heller '21 

Edmund S. Muskie Intern


  1. Zhanar Tostubayeva, G'22, 

FAIT Fellow


  1. Andy Wu ’20 with the U.S. Department of State, the Foreign Affairs IT

Fulbright Roving Scholar


  1. Tracy Davis '20 in Norway

Fulbright Scholars


  1. Nora Abbott ’22 in Norway
  2. Salma Elboute ’22 in United Arab Emirates
  3. John Kershner (Ph.D. candidate) in Germany


  1. Kendra Beazer '23 in United States


  1. Jessica Condolo Hubsch '19 in Portugal
  2. Sunny Huang '16 in Taiwan
  3. Owen Loughlin '18 in Greenland
  4. Mareesa Miles '18 in Ecuador
  5. Timothy Davis '16 in Germany


  1. Deanna Kocher '18 in Canada


  1. Evan Gaj '17 in Poland

Gilman Scholars


  1. Christie S. Ortega '23 in Germany
  2. Samantha Powers '23 in Denmark, UK, Finland
  3. Cindy Tran '24, in South Korea
  4. Jingwen Wei '23 in Japan 


  1. Georgia Becker ’24 in Spain
  2. Amber Bierly ’25 in France
  3. Samantha Cardenas ’23 in Netherlands
  4. Alexa Couto ’25 in United Kingdom
  5. Alejandro Del Valle Valdez ’23 in Switzerland
  6. Grace Enriquez ’22 in Switzerland
  7. Bryce Erdman ’18 in Germany
  8. Ishan Gauro ’24 in Spain
  9. Delaney Gemmel ’24 in Spain
  10. Erik Glasthal ’19 in Ireland
  11. Rachelle Huh ’23 in South Korea
  12. Sumin Lim ’23 in South Korea
  13. Jennifer Liu ’23 in Belgium
  14. Daisy Lopez ’24 in Spain
  15. Zena Meighan ’24 in Japan
  16. Rehan Naeem ’23 in Spain
  17. Amelie Pankov ’24 in France
  18. Annie Seong ’24 in Germany
  19. Michael Stevanovich ’23 in Colombia
  20. Sabrina Trabish ’23 in Netherlands
  21. Cindy Tran ’24 in South Korea
  22. Jingwen Wei ’23 in Japan
  23. John Whitall ’24 in Argentina
  24. Joshua Yang ’22 in South Korea
  25. Ada Zheng ’25 in Japan
  26. Tiffany Zhu ’24 in Italy


  1. Busara Hall '23 in China
  2. Alicia Zamudio '22 in Denmark


  1. Gabriela Alves '22 in Spain
  2. Lynn Brownell '21 in Ireland
  3. Victoria Campbell '20 in South Africa, Denmark, Argentina
  4. Ya Donkor '23 in Japan
  5. Steven Escobar-Mendez '22 in Chile, Nepal, Jordan
  6. Allison Graham '22 in Australia
  7. Alexandra MacVicar '21 in Turks & Caicos Islands
  8. Mericel Mirabal '22 in Spain
  9. Grace Miller '21 in Austria
  10. Jessica Mun '21 in Spain
  11. Christie Ortega '23 in Germany
  12. Taylor Pistone '21 in United Kingdom
  13. Mikayla Spott '21 in Denmark
  14. Kenneth Straw '22 in Czech Republic
  15. Jingwen Wei '23 in Japan


  1. Julaisei Caguana-Salazar '20 in United Kingdom
  2. Cherease Douglas '22 in South Africa 
  3. Alexandra Gainey '22 in China
  4. Stephanie Huynh '20 in Thailand
  5. Jia Mei Li '21 in China
  6. Ana Madrigal '20 in Spain
  7. Meghan Murphy '22 in Austria
  8. Caroline Suddath '21 in Ireland
  9. Andy Wu '20 in Hong Kong


  1. Nia Baker '19 in Ghana
  2. Ryan Groves '20 in Czech Republic
  3. Matt Kuehnle '19 in China
  4. Long Ping Shao '19 in China
  5. Gili Remen '19 in Spain
  6. Karen Huang '19 in Italy
  7. Sage Chasen '20 in Germany
  8. Diana Rivas Garcia '19 in China
  9. Kimberly Meija '19 in Spain
  10. Paige Hapeman '19 in Multi-Country

Goldwater Scholar


  1. Kirsten Sjoberg '24


  1. Eric Wolf '20

Marshall Scholar


  1. Klaudia Jazwinska '18

NSF Graduate Research Fellows


  1. Michelle Kent '19 at Colorado School of  Mines


  1. Courtney Au-Yeung in Materials Research - Ceramics 
  2. Lorraine Carnes in Geosciences - Geomorphology
  3. Angela Lawrence in Mechanical Engineering

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates


  1. Cameron MacMahon '24 at Georgia Tech
  2. Casey Dolan '25 in Biolengineering and Sustainability
  3. Andy Chung '24 at University of Minnesota
  4. Julian Martucci '25 at Coloardo School of Mines


  1. Giavanna Gast ’24 at University of Maine
  2. Cameron MacMahon ’22 at Michigan State University
  3. Eva Wolfe ’23 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. Will Yaeger ’24 at  Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences, Maine


  1. Philip Kaufinger '22 at Coe College
  2. Josephine Koelsch '23 at  North Carolina State University
  3. Sophia Martino '24 at Temple's Pervasive Computing 
  4. Samuel Ward '22 at University of Nebraska


  1. Benjamin Brindle '22 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
  2. Kayla McMillan '22 at Duke University 

Project GO Scholars

Project GO is a nationwide program open to all qualified ROTC students offering fully-funded opportunities in critical language education, overseas study, and cross-cultural experience.


  1. Maura Campbell ’24, Arabic in Morocco
  2. Sacha Joseph ’25, Arabic in Jordan
  3. Daniel Rudiak '23, Arabic in Morocco or Oman


  1. Ari Ehrenfeucht '23
  2. Dan Rudiak '23

RUHR Fellows in Germany


  1. Elizabeth Bielen '25
  2. Ilias Chekkori '24 
  3. Samuel Miller '25
  4. Nada Stojanović  '25


  1. Maura Campbell ’24*
  2. Xinyi Cui ’18, G’22


  1. Jack Heller '21 
  2. Eric Wolf '20

Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University, Beijing China


  1. William Peracchio '21


  1. David Morency '18

World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit


  1. Huda Hagos '24 in Saudi Arabia

All Faculty Researchers and Scholars


  1. Dr. Jill Sperandio, Professor Emeritus, Ambassador's Distinguished Scholars Program in Ethiopia
  2. Dr. Arup Sengupta, Senior Fulbright-Nehru Research in India


  1. Professor Israel Wachs, Fulbright Faculty Research in Israel


  1. Professor Jill Sperandio, Fulbright Faculty Research in Azerbaijan
  2. Professor Dinissa Duvanova, Fulbright Faculty Research in Kazakhstan

Previous Winners Prior to Department's Inception


Talia Dunyak '16, Fulbright Combined Grant, Austria


Celia Fung '15, Fulbright Research, Swaziland
Kylie Gray '15, Fulbright ETA, Uruguay
Jennifer Markham '16, NSF REU, Colorado State University, Chemical Engineering
Carlie Skellington '15, Fulbright ETA, Indonesia
Jonathan Witt '15, Buick Achievers Scholarship


Victoria Herrmann '12, awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright award in Canada
Matthew Kilgore '15, awarded a Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program award
Edward Jacob Puzycki '14, awarded Fulbright ETA, Physics


Michael German '15 (PhD), awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright award in India
Victoria Herrmann '12, awarded a Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows position
Victoria Herrmann '12, awarded Gates Cambridge, International Relations
Thomas Janis, awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright award in Turkey
Claire Sullivan '09, awarded a U.S. Student Fulbright award as an English Teaching Assistant in Vietnam


Lisa Cheung '09, awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach in Spain


Kelly Ashton '09, awarded a Fulbright grant to teach in South Korea
Amanda Dilger '10, awarded a Goldwater Scholarship for research in biology
Toni Marraccini '09, awarded a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship for graduate studies in South Africa
Pamela McGaha, MBA '94, awarded a Fulbright grant for research in Australia
Ashley Pritchard '09, awarded a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship for studies abroad at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


Andrew Mastbaum '09, awarded a Goldwater Scholarship for research in Physics
Jared Maxson '09, awarded a Goldwater Scholarship for research in Physics
Deborah Ou-Yang '08, awarded a Fulbright grant to teach in South Korea
Anne Rodriguez '09, awarded Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship
Thethan Soe '08, awarded Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship for graduate studies in architecture at the University of Pennsylvania
Chelsea Stone '07, awarded a Fulbright grant to teach in Spain


Rebecca Guzman '07, awarded a Fulbright grant to teach in Indonesia
Whitney Ryan '09, awarded a Saint Andrew's Society Scholarship in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen

Winner Stories

G. Gast photo

Giavanna Gast ‘24 - Germany

It’s not every college student who can say their summer job impacted the future of the aerospace and automobile industries. But not every college student is Giavanna Gast ‘24.

Gast spent last summer in Germany researching new applications for micro-casted, 3-D printed class, thanks to winning a DAAD Rise scholarship. This scholarship allows students to spend a summer in Germany working as an intern, and covers their expenses while living there. 

What first drew Gast to the DAAD Rise program was the unique opportunity for study that no other scholarships she was accepted to could offer. “I could have an unconventional study abroad experience where I was really living and working in the country, which is a different experience than taking classes in a country,” Gast said.

She first applied for the scholarship her freshman year, but was not accepted. However, just going through the process gave her valuable skills and knowledge. She was able to hone her essay-writing skills and discovered a formula that worked for her, specifically by using personal stories to connect with the reader.

When she applied again her sophomore year, she took what she learned and created a stronger application. When Gast learned she had been accepted, she called her mom and best friend to share the good news, then spent the rest of the day thinking about her upcoming summer and the research that she would be doing. 

“I was just really elated and over the moon, I’d worked so hard for it and applied to so many different programs, but this was literally my top choice, program and project,” Gast said.

An IDEAS major who is passionate about learning from mechanical engineers, material scientists and entrepreneurs, Gast appreciated that her time in Germany helped her explore what she wants in a future career. She was able to learn more about the field that she was working in, discovering what she did and did not like about it while being immersed in groundbreaking research. 

This time abroad also helped Gast grow personally. She gained new perspectives and valuable cultural experiences through spending the summer in a completely new country. She was also able to travel to many countries throughout Europe and learn about their cultures and histories.

“That was something that really shaped the way that I view the world and I think will help me understand different people, and work better with people from different cultures, in the future,” Gast said. 

-Grace Roche

Logan Whitall ‘24 - Argentina and Antarctica

Despite traveling to one of the most desolate regions on Earth, Logan Whitall ‘24 has to pack light.

Traveling on multiple flights, Whitall departed Lehigh University in February for Ushuaia, Argentina for a months-long trip where the engineering student will be studying the impacts of climate change on one of the most geographically extreme regions of the world, spending time in both Patagonia and neighboring Antarctica.

“I’m going to a very cold place,” Whitall said. “I had to get some equipment that was good for the area.”

To help cover some of the costs of the trip, Whitall applied for and received a Gilman Scholarship. Gilman helps fund study abroad experiences for students who might otherwise not have the means.

“It was not that bad of an application, not too rigorous, and it was definitely helpful,” Whitall said.

An IDEAS major studying both mechanical engineering and environmental science, Whitall hopes that the combination of biology and environmental science classes he will take in Argentina will allow for him to explore more about what he wants to do with his career.

“I want to take the time to learn about the local culture and local ecosystems,” Whitall said. “Learn about the climate and how its change has affected those areas.”

Whitall’s classes in Patagonia will all be taught in Spanish, a language that he knows semi-fluently. After taking classes, he will embark on an independent study period that will include a 10-day trip to Antarctica.

“I really wanted to go to Antarctica,” Whitall said. “I figured I’d never go there if I wasn’t doing this program.”

Whitall does not know at this point exactly what the independent study would look like, and intends to play it by ear as he continues with his classes. He will return to the United States after a three-month period of classes followed by his research.

According to NOAA, just over 2 million square kilometers in sea ice have been lost in the arctic regions since 1990. One NOAA study revealed the rate of negative impacts of climate change occur quicker in the arctic than anywhere else in the world.

Whitall hopes that seeing this first-hand will allow him to undertake his own mission to help resolve climate change.

“I hope this program teaches me more about respecting nature and how humanity has affected the climate negatively,” Whitall said. “How can we work towards change in that direction?”

-Eddie Fuhrer

When I graduate at the end of this year, I will leave behind a dedication to community service that will last after I am gone.

Michael Stevanovich ‘ 23
Gilman Winner Experience Panama