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National fellowships and scholarships are highly competitive and awardees are students who excel inside and outside the classroom. In addition to academic merit, successful candidates have a range of skills, interests and personal qualities that distinguish them among their peers.

While the ultimate goal of the Office of Fellowship Advising is to help Lehigh’s most accomplished students receive awards that will take them toward the future they desire, we also recognize that the application process brings its own rewards. In order to prepare a competitive application, a student must commit to a journey of personal and intellectual self-reflection and analysis. Our hope is that students leave our office not only with a scholarship, but also with a refined understanding of who they are as a student and who they aspire to be in the future.

It takes considerable time and planning to apply for a scholarship or fellowship. Many applications include the following components:

  • Application with short-answer questions
  • Personal statement and essay(s)
  • Proposed course of study
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Official academic transcript

The application process is a serious commitment and entails several months of guidance and advising from Lehigh faculty and staff, revising of essays and personal statements and preparation for the interview. Interested students should contact us to begin the process at least six months before the application deadline.

To start, learn about the scholarships and fellowships to see which may be a good fit for your experience and interests. Then contact us to make an appointment to discuss your goals, identify the opportunities that can get you there, and start developing your application.

Lehigh Faculty

The Fulbright Program offers university faculty year- or semester-long grants to research and teach overseas, as well as short-term consulting grants. Learn more here.

Our office coordinates faculty and staff applications for Fulbright scholarships. This process begins with a one-on-one consultation with Bill Hunter, program coordinator, to match faculty interests and skills with open scholarships. We also offer application review by a team of faculty who have received Fulbright scholarships themselves. Each of the previous eight professors who applied for a scholarship was successful.