Introduction to Healthcare Systems Engineering
August 7, 2020
Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu-Anselm, Director and Professor of Practice

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Program director Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu-Anselm provides an introduction to healthcare systems engineering at Lehigh University. This emerging cross-disciplinary field that combines expertise from across engineering with economics, health policy and information technology.

Whether you choose the 30-credit master’s degree or 12-credit certificate option, with HSE at Lehigh University, you will:

  • Learn how to use design thinking as a process for problem solving
  • Gain the technical skills to analyze healthcare systems, identify inefficiencies and propose solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare
  • Work with industry partners to solve real-world problems in the healthcare field
  • Get access to professional and career development opportunities
  • Graduate with a versatile skillset that will open up rewarding career opportunities in many areas of healthcare

The full program is available on campus or online.