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International Education Week Kick Off | International Affairs

Come and join Lehigh Fulbright Association, Member Clubs, and other departments for this big event to learn more about countries, cultures, and international experiences around the world!! Sign up here to represent your culture at International Education Week Kick Off.

Lehigh in South Korea | International Affairs

Lehigh in South Korea is a new study abroad program running in May/June 2020. Professors Salerni and Lee of the music department will teach a 3-credit course in Seoul on traditional and contemporary music of South Korea. Join us to learn more!

Lehigh in Ireland | International Affairs

Take an Irish Studies course and participate in a supervised research project in your field at the National University of Ireland Galway in summer 2020. Projects available in engineering, biological sciences, psychology, HMS, film and more.

Fair Trade Coffee | International Affairs

Experience of tasting the coffee around the world right on campus! Coffee is a global drink and it is imperative that we find ways to make the growth and cultivation of the beans to be more sustainable so we can ensure to continue to taste coffee from different small farmers from all across the globe. From Brazil to Sumatra, we will show how Fair Trade Coffee works in different areas of the world.

Sustainable Sushi Lunch | International Affairs

Join Eco-Reps as we make sushi with the sushi chef from Lehigh Dining Services! Learn how to sustainably source food like fish and how your choices contribute to a cleaner, happier planet. We will be engaging in the art of sushi making and discussing how different cultures have source and use fish historically and today.

Education with LSA | International Affairs

We will give participants a holistic and educational experience about the broad and diverse cultures that fall under the umbrella of Latinx. This will consist of a presentation followed by fun and exciting activities

Friendsgiving | International Affairs

Join us for a free traditional Thanksgiving meal with fellow Lehigh students, faculty, staff and community members. Make some friends and enjoy a uniquely American tradition! Space is limited, so, please sign up here: Friendsgiving RSVP

Iranian Film Festival | International Affairs

Showing award winning Iranian movies with English subtitles to present different aspects of the Iranian culture. This event will show top Iranian movies regarding the culture for people to learn about through its cinema and be more educated about it. Open to whomever wanting to learn more about Iran and at the same time watching great movies!