Iacocca Institute Executive Director Scott Koerwer has launched a new monthly video update series to keep the Iacocca Institute and Global Village community and alumni informed about ongoing work at the Institute

The Iacocca Institute has released the first in what will be a monthly series of brief videos from Executive Director Scott Koerwer intended to keep the Iacocca Institute and Global Village community and alumni informed about all the important work going on at the Institute.

“First and foremost, we're also doing this to stay connected with you,” Koerwer said in the inaugural two-minute video, which was released this week. “Not only do we want to tell you what we're doing, but we want to hear from you.”

The video can be found on the Global Lehigh YouTube channel or viewed below.

The video was also distributed as part of a newly-launched e-mail newsletter to the Iacocca Institute and Global Village alumni community. Contact inops@lehigh.edu if you’d like to subscribe or for more information about the newsletter.

These videos and newsletters are part of a series of new communications the Iacocca Institute has launched to keep informed about the evolving work of the Institute, new initiatives, and the ongoing period of assessment, research, and reinvention at the Iacocca’s Institute flagship program, Global Village.

“We've been traveling the world, [visiting] Italy, Spain, Croatia, the United Kingdom and more, meeting with corporations, alumni, philanthropic organizations, to hear what the most pressing issues are on their mind regarding the challenges of leadership development,” Koerwer said in the video. “We also are trying to pull in new partners as we progress, and we've learned a lot along the way.”

Global Village is an intensive, immersive virtual and in-person program on the Lehigh campus that teaches university students and young professionals the basics of business, the essentials of management, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills while preparing them to thrive in a global community.

In the year ahead, the Institute will contact and meet with an array of constituents and experts, including global leaders, academic scholars, and institutional partners to learn from their experiences and how they are working to address the world’s complex challenges. Alumni will be engaged through surveys, visits, invitations to campus, and meetings with small groups in different regions.

Additionally, thought leaders and other partners will be invited to the Lehigh campus to participate in these discussions. The focus will be to preserve what has been at the essence of the Global Village since its founding, while also infusing it with new energy, curriculum, and experiences to develop current and future leaders.

“Thank you for your support of the Iacocca Institute,” Koerwer said in the video. “This work is important, and there's nothing more pressing than the development of current and future leaders.”