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The Office of International Affairs supports multiple opportunities for students in India, which include Iacocca International Internships, the Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship and the Global Citizenship Initiative.

The Iacocca International Internship Program sends students to work or do research overseas through fully funded summer internships that combine real-world experience and cultural immersion. Each year, the programs sends students to roughly 30 countries, including India. Among other placements, students work at Viva Group, a massive construction company in Maharashtra. Here, interns are able to develop intercultural competency, gain a greater appreciation for India and the region, get outside their comfort zones and refine their career aspirations. 

The Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship started as an Iacocca International Internship in summer 2018 with four students working at startups in New Delhi. Three students worked in India in 2019, with a fourth who was placed in London. A partnership between the Iacocca Internship Program, the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship and Lehigh@NasdaqCenter (L@NC), the Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship is all about immersing students in global entrepreneurial ecosystem where students can develop skills at a startup and learn about this ecosystem in a global setting. Global entrepreneurial fellows spend eight weeks in an entrepreneurial hub across the world: New Delhi, India, London, UK, or Dortmund, Germany.

The Global Citizenship Program, an interdisciplinary certificate that prepares students for living in a diverse and changing world, has been around nearly 20 years and just got back from its second trip to India in January 2020. The program is currently heading into a new reinvent, trying to accommodate students of different majors and backgrounds. With a strong commitment at Lehigh, the program is also looking to expand to its already strong collection of connections and link with capstone projects as well. Working with existing relationships in India, the program is aiming to use these changes to establish an ongoing India presence in the program that builds into the larger initiative across campus.     

Students can also study abroad for a semester in India, with programs in Ahmedabad, Delih, Jaipur and Sonipat.

This is just a selection of our international programs that are particularly engaged in India.