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The Office of International Affairs, in cooperation with the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, sponsors the Global Teaching and Learning Fellows (GTLF) initiative to support faculty with internationalizing new and existing courses.

A distinctive feature of the Lehigh education is that learning experiences should be “grounded in fundamental, transferable skills across all disciplines, and in real world challenges” (Lehigh vision statement). This initiative builds on Lehigh’s distinctive ability to put theory into practice through the design of pedagogically sound and innovative international educational experiences. This initiative will assist faculty seeking to embed international elements into existing courses, expand course and curricular offerings, create deeper and improved study abroad options, or establish international connections to advance student research.


Faculty seeking to develop a course abroad or add a significant international component to an existing course are invited to apply for the Global Teaching and Learning Fellows and Course Internationalization Grants.

Global Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellows work on a course design or redesign over the course of the spring semester, in order to add a significant international component, such as travel abroad, international engagement via distance learning technology, or significant engagement with an international community in the U.S. Fellows will be expected to participate in the Global Teaching and Learning Workshops series, which will examine research-related good practice for the internationalized classroom and teaching abroad and provide an opportunity to develop ideas for new or existing courses. The series will actively involve Lehigh experts, and will also include a nationally recognized expert on the pedagogy for global learning. Successful applicants will receive a $250 grant for selection as a Fellow. 

Course Internationalization Grants: At the completion of the series, Fellows will be eligible to apply for subsequent grants up to $3,000 to support the development of specific activities related to their new or redesigned course, including travel and course materials. 

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Any full-time faculty member (including Professors of Practice) is eligible to apply for the Fellows. Adjunct faculty are not eligible. The program, including the Course Internationalization Grants, is intended for the support of full-time faculty members on continuing appointment or in a continuing appointment-eligible track. The quality and merit of the proposal and the curricular activity that will advance Lehigh’s internationalization goals are the key criteria used in evaluating the applications for the Fellows program. Fellows who have completed the series will be eligible to apply for subsequent Course Internationalization Grants. The application for Course Internationalization Grants will be made available at the conclusion of the Fellowship.

How to Apply

The application for the Global Teaching and Learning Fellows is closed.

Applications for Global Teaching and Learning Fellows will include the following:

  • One-page application statement
  • Current CV
  • Copy of course syllabus (if proposing to revise an existing course)

The application statement should include the following:

  • Contact information: Name, department, academic rank, email address
  • Title of proposed course/project: Indicate the name of the existing or proposed course that will be the focus of activity as a Global Teaching and Learning Fellow; indicate if this is a new or existing course
  • Statement of interest: Provide a statement of interest in the GTLF program, including the description of the proposed internationalized course. It is sufficient for purposes of the Fellows program to simply indicate the idea or general focus for the course. The proposal should address:
    • the aim for the proposed project including the curricular or programmatic gap it is intended to address
    • the intended outcome from the program (i.e., a new course, revision to an existing course, a study abroad program)
    • previous experience with international programs and other relevant expertise. (Previous international experience is not a requirement for the Fellows program.)

Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Global Affairs.

Applications for Course Internationalization Grants will be available at the conclusion of the spring program, and will only be available to Fellows who have completed the workshop series.