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Are you interested in getting involved with IIIP but not yet ready to lead student internships? Do you have a specific expertise/background in a country or region of the world? Consider serving as a Cultural Mentor for an Iacocca Intern(s).

Acting as a Cultural Mentor will enable faculty, staff and alumni to engage with students working in cities/countries/regions where they have experience. Cultural Mentors will deepen the cultural learning component of internships for students and allow faculty/staff/alumni to engage with IIIP in a new way. Cultural Mentors can be matched with students working in any type of internship–theme-based, research, place-based, direct placement or program provider internships. Faculty/staff can sign-up to act as Cultural Mentors at any time of the year and will be asked which countries/regions they feel comfortable with and what their experiences are in those countries/regions. IIIP staff will maintain a database of interested faculty/staff/alumni and match them with interested students whenever possible.

Open to Lehigh faculty/staff, IIIP Alumni, Lehigh Alumni, Iacocca Intern Alumni, and Global Village Alumni.

If interested, please email us.
(updated 1/28/2021)