Student Testimonials

"There is almost no excuse not to apply. If you have a curious mind and a little courage to explore the world, the International Internship Program will take care of the rest."-Adam Smiechowski '15, Integrated Business Engineering

Community Development, Indonesia, '2015

Being immersed in a beautifully different culture helped me learn about myself and others, and all of the similarities we share despite being from other sides of the world.  I learned so much about the cross-cultural applicability of my work and was   able to test, challenge, and learn more about my field, in ways I never could have without this experience.

- Netta Admoni '17, Counseling Psychology

Caring for Cambodia, '2015

The internship has tested me and has challenged me in ways I had never imagined.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people.  Despite the difficulties that Cambodia has faced in the past half-century, Caring for Cambodia is making a tangible and lasting impact on their students, their families, and the community as a whole.  I'm so happy that I had the chance to work with them.

- Shannon Cassidy '17, Business Management

Campaign for Social Inclusion, Czech Republic, '2015

The International Internship Program that I participated in provided valuable life and work experience that I don't think I could have found elsewhere.  I feel as though I've grown as a person, gained perspective into a new culture, improved my leadership skills, and exponentially increased my ability to function independently.

-Lauren DiNapoli '18, Anthropology

Pathways Development Initiative, Uganda, '2015

The Iacocca International Internship program has been invaluable in shaping who I am as an individual and who I want to be post-graduation.  Because of the connections that I made with locals and the unique work experiences that I have gained, I can see myself coming back to the community that I served in time and time again.  The internship gave me a chance to not only explore the world, but also to explore who I am as a person. 

-Talia Dunyak '16, German/English

Skoda Auto, Czech Republic, '2015

The Iacocca International Internship was amazing.  While working for a multinational company, I experienced personal and professional growth.  I've increased my communication skills, time management, professionalism in a working environment, and made some great foreign friends while doing so.  It really is the perfect program.  This has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to experience it.  My supervisors were very supportive and helpful, and I was able to actually provide useful information that the company could use in developing their marketing and business strategies.  In addition to all this, I got a chance to enjoy an entirely different culture and country. 

-Mike Leonhardt '17 Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable Development, Costa Rica, '2015

My experience as an Iacocca intern has been indescribable.  Travelling to a foreign country with another Lehigh student I barely knew was terrifying but getting on the plane was just the first step in learning to take risks, relax and trust that things will work out, and seize every opportunity.  Living and working in a different culture has allowed me to grow academically, professionally, and most of all personally.  I have a deeper appreciation for my own culture and a great appreciation for my host culture as well.  I have created countless memories and bonded with new friends over the challenges of navigating a foreign country and I know this is just the beginning of many amazing experiences.  I am excited for my next international experience and I feel confident now that I can handle anything and make the most of it.

-Kristen Meja '16 IDEAS

Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg, '2015

My first time in Luxembourg has exposed me to situations where I was challenged to work outside my comfort zone.  I can honestly say that I am coming home with a greater amount of confidence, independence and maturity.

-Danielle Mustin '16 Finance


Sites of Memory, Ghana, '2015

Coming in, I had no idea what to expect from my trip to Ghana.  The time leading up to it was surreal at best and when the day came to leave, I still couldn't believe it.  Stepping off the plane into the humidity, I finally realized where I was and that the next six weeks were beginning.  My time here has been incredible.  The food and the people and the culture is something that I have felt comfortable and at peace in since the beginning of the trip.  The experiences I've had and the research that I've done have definitely influenced some of future academic choices and have expanded my range of thought and have iimpacted me deeply on a personal level. 

-Sidney Ro '16, English

Business Academy Rijeka, Croatia, '2014

The two months I spent abroad for the internship encompassed some of the greatest experiences of my life. The lessons  I learned and the things that the Iaccoca internship allowed me to do would have been impossible to do on my own. I only hope that I might be able to have an experience as amazing as this one in the future.

- Kyle Lum '15, Integrated Business Engineering, Mechanical Engineering