Faculty and Staff

Benjamin Shepherd

Images left to right: La Scala, Milan, Italy '2016;  Costa Rica interns '2015.

Lehigh faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals to lead students on group Iacocca Internships.

Request for Proposals 2018 IIIP group programs (pdf)

Deadline: September 15, 2017 

The following should be considered when developing group proposals:

  • The program should have a professional component that may be defined as a practicum, research or internship.

  • It should be non-credit-bearing.
  • There should be a sustained duration abroad of at least six weeks, but preferably eight weeks or more.
  • The budget should cover the complete cost of the internship for the student(s) and the Faculty/Staff Program Leader.
  • Group size should be approximately four to eight students.

Please be thorough in developing the proposal and include details in all categories of the template. Feel free to reference samples of past proposals. Additionally, Carol Ham, Director of International Internships, is available to support your efforts in developing the proposal.

Program and Student Selection

The International Internship Steering Committee will make recommendations to the Vice President of International Affairs in August regarding program selection. In the fall, marketing and recruitment of students will begin. Students will be evaluated through a holistic process, which includes the following considerations:

  • Students with financial need are considered more closely than those with no or little need.
  • Students with no previous experience abroad on a Lehigh-sanctioned program are considered before those who have had an experience abroad.
  • Rising juniors and seniors will be considered before first year students.

When developing your program, consideration can be made for additional full-pay students that will fall outside the realm of this internship program funding model.

Also, please keep in mind that the key responsibilities of a Program Leader include:

  • internship design and approval,
  • budgeting and financial management,
  • at-site programming,
  • at-site operations and logistics,
  • student selection,
  • country-specific orientation, andPresident Simon with students
  • program evaluation.

Study Abroad will support Program Leaders with marketing and outreach, student applications, airfare, collection of necessary student forms and paperwork, financial management as needed for payment of invoices, a general student pre-departure orientation, and a Program Leader Orientation to the university crisis management plan and protocols.


President Simon with interns.