About Our Program

Internship placement opportunities by collegeLehigh University’s International Internship Program provides students with full fellowships to participate in internship, research or practicum experiences in organizations around the world. The internship is a full-time experience, which allows for a true cultural immersion.

While students gain practical career-related experience and an enhanced global perspective, the organizations that host the students get driven, intelligent interns to work on short-term projects and an opportunity to mentor young people.

These experiences are 6 to 12 weeks over the summer, unpaid and not credit bearing. Lehigh University pays for each student’s travel, accommodation and meals.  A modest stipend is available to students with demonstrated need.

The International Internship Program is funded through the Iacocca Foundation and the Freeman Asia Foundation.

Benefits to students who intern abroad:

An on-site mentor assigns projects/tasks, and provides support, training and feedback. Students receive:

  • practical work experience for greater marketability upon graduation,
  • a broadened global perspective,
  • an extended professional network and
  • academic, professional, and personal development.

Benefits to Organizations who host our undergraduate students:

The host organizatoin who sponsors a Lehigh undergraduate student for a 6-12 week summer internship derives the following benefits:

  • new perspectives from high-potential, mature, and driven students,
  • mentoring and supervisory experience for a current employee at your organization,
  • provide and observe professional and personal growth for the student, and
  • groom potential employees for future needs.

Getting Started:

Sponsors submit a general position description in June/July. Internship opportunities are promoted to students during late summer and early fall for a November application deadline. A Selection Committee reviews all applicants and identifies the ideal students for each of the respective internship placements based on the following criteria:

  • No previous study or work abroad experience
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Strong academic and university standing
  • Experience and capabilities closely aligned with organizational needs

Students are notified of their assignments in January. Pre-departure orientation occurs throughout the spring semester.  Internships begin in June.

Student Reports:

Review past reports to learn more about the internship experiences: