Host Organizations


Many of our internships are available to students thanks to the participation of Lehigh Alumni around the world and other sponsoring organizations. When organizations host Lehigh interns for six to 12 weeks over summer, they receive many benefits, such as new perspectives from high-potential, mature, and driven students, and the opportunity to mentor and supervise promising young adults.

If you are interested in providing an international internship experience for a Lehigh University student, the process is simple. Contact Carol Ham at or (610) 758-3467. 

Host organizations must:

  • Maintain commercial general liability insurance of at least $1 million

  • Sign the International Internship Agreement (PDF)

  • Refine position description, as needed, to include meaningful responsibilities

  • Identify on-site supervisor or mentor

  • Coordinate and make payments for living and on-site travel arrangements

  • Provide space, equipment and tools that the intern will need to perform duties

  • Provide weekly feedback and final evaluation