Registration at Lehigh

Registration for the Semester you Return to Lehigh

Students abroad during the fall or spring semester will need to register online for classes for the following semester while they are abroad.

For course descriptions, class schedule, and schedule of time periods for web registration (all times listed are local time at Lehigh), visit the Lehigh University Registrar's webpage.

While abroad, you need to contact your academic advisor by email so you can plan for registration.  Check out your internet-access facilities so you know when and where you'll do your registration (and don't make any plans to be out of the country without access to the internet during registration!).  University policy does not allow the Study Abroad Office to register on students' behalf; you will need to take responsibility for your registration.

PIN Numbers

Your advisor will have your registration (alternate) PIN number.  The Registrar will send this information to the Dean's office to be distributed to the advisors.  You should test your Lehigh alternate PIN well in advance so if there is a problem, you can contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office and get it corrected before you need to register.

Advisor Changes

If you declared your major recently, your new major advisor may not have your records yet.  If you discuss your plans with a new advisor, you may need to review your courses taken and your objectives.  Allow some extra time for this process.  Your new advisor and your old advisor will both have access to your registration PIN.

Selecting Courses

Consider the requirements of your major, the distribution requirements, and your interests when thinking about courses to take.  Consider making a list of 8 to 10 courses with schedule information on the list, ranked in order of priority.  Armed with this list, you can register quickly and respond quickly if you find that one or another course is closed, jumping to the next course option on your list.

Department Permission Courses

You must have departmental approval for department-permission courses.  Consult with department staff for the department in question (in advance!) to find out how they handle department permissions.  Students should make arrangements for department permission courses before they leave for their study abroad destination.  Some departments withdraw permission after a specified time if you don't register for the course, so make sure you understand the conditions for department permission.


As on campus, you won't be able to register for a course if you don't have its prerequisites.  Make sure that you check for prerequisites in the course catalog before registration.  If you are currently taking the prerequisites for a course, you will need to contact the Registrar's Office to have the prerequisite updated in the system.

Remember to allow plenty of time for everything you have to do before registration.

Don't hesitate to contact Lehigh Study Abroad ( if you have questions.