Semester Scholarships

Lehigh Scholarships

  Lehigh offers a few internal scholarships for semester study abroad.

Program Partners' Aid and Scholarships

Several of the programs on which Lehigh students can study abroad offer their own funding, for which students can apply along with their study abroad application.  When looking at these scholarships, please keep in mind Lehigh's Approved Programs list for semester study abroad, which sometimes only includes specific programs with a study abroad program partner's portfolio.  Some of Lehigh's program partners that offer scholarships include:


National Scholarships

Many types of external scholarships exist; some are based on the country in which students are studying, some are from students' home state or town, some are for students of a particular type of background, some are town-specific (Does your hometown have a Rotary Club that sponsors study abroad students?), and some are for specific types of study abroad programs, such as language-immersion programs.  Below is a samplying of some of these scholarships, but there are full databases online where students are highly encouraged to search for any and all scholarship opportunities that may apply for them.



Scholarship Databases