Working on Campus

If you are granted work study funding as part of your financial aid, then there are an abundance of jobs on campus that can be tailored to you. There is also a work study job fair when school begins in August. However, nonwork-study positions are limited and sometimes you may find unconventional ways of finding a job such as volunteering or as simple as making a connection with an on-campus faculty. 

Please note that many of these on-campus jobs require Federal Work-Study (a type of financial aid awarded to undergraduate students).  Students without work-study have found positions in the bookstore, dining services, and Zoellner Arts Center.  

Go through the application process and interview process.

Once you have successfully found a job, be sure to visit the OISS to fill out employment paperwork. Make sure you have a proof of employment prior to visiting the OISS. In order to get paid by Lehigh University, you will have to fill out payroll forms with the OISS along with applying for a Social Security Number. Learn about the application process for a Social Security Number.