Undergraduate Housing

Lehigh requires all of its first-year (freshman) and second-year (sophomore) students to live in university residence halls, while juniors and seniors have the option of living off campus. Juniors and seniors who wish to live on campus can participate in a lottery for apartment spaces. For more information on undergraduate housing at Lehigh, please visit the Residential Services website.

Graduate On-Campus Housing

Lehigh offers two on-campus housing options for graduate students, Packer House and Saucon Village. Graduate students who wish to live on campus will need to participate in the graduate housing lottery for available spaces. Applications and instructions are available on the Residential Services website.

Off-Campus Housing

The Residential Services website has great resources on where to start looking for city-inspected off-campus housing, how to choose an apartment and what you need to know before signing a lease with a landlord etc.


Not all off-campus apartments are furnished, meaning you might have to get your own bed, mattress, desk, chairs, and sofa, etc. Lehigh maintains a classified board, where you may find used furniture and other household items sold by Lehigh students, faculty and staff. Go to LUNA: Sale, Housing, Bulletin (you will need your Lehigh login to access the information). Go to "Public" and then "Sale."

If you are on a budget and prefer new furniture shipped (with a fee) directly to your doorstep, Walmart and Target are other options. Please be aware that if the furniture you buy requires assembly, you will have to do that yourself once you receive it.