Health & Well-Being

Sometimes, the transition to life at Lehigh can be difficult. It could be adopting a new language, understanding a new culture or even adapting to different cuisines. Whatever it may be, the shock of being in a new atmosphere can definitely be daunting. The good news is that OISS and other university offices are here to help you. These resources can ease your transition. If you still need further assistance, OISS is always available.

Health and Wellness

Lehigh's Health and Wellness Center on campus provides acute and ongoing care to students. Appointments can be made online or by phone at (610) 758-3870; walk-in appointments are also accepted. One important service is the self-treatment room. If a student does not have time to see a nurse or physician, he or she can go to the self-treatment room to get medication. If a very serious injury occurs that requires emergency treatment, St Luke’s Hospital is close to campus and the student will be transported as soon as possible.

In the U.S., medical health insurance does not include dental or vision coverage. You will have to purchase them separately.

Option 1: University Health Plans, Inc.

Option 2: Students may find other plans by searching the Internet or by visiting the Health Center for a referral. They have contact information for dentists and optomologists in the Bethlehem area.


In conjunction with the Health and Wellness Center, Counseling and Psychological Services is also available to Lehigh students. If a student needs to talk to a counselor on private matters, he or she can schedule an appointment with the counseling office. All information is confidential, so nothing will be shared with a third party (parents included), unless permitted by the student. They provide one-on-one sessions for students as well as group sessions. Call to make an appointment at (610) 758-3880.

Other Services

Lehigh's Student Affairs division offers a wide range of services to help students succeed academically and feel at home on campus.

Personal Safety

As a student on or off campus, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. The Lehigh Police Department is very active on and off campus. Police officers patrol around the campus day and night to make sure the campus is safe. In addition, Lehigh adopted the blue light system, a series of emergency alarm stations strategically located throughout the campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. When an individual presses the alarm button, they can communicate directly with the communications center at the Department of Public Safety to notify the dispatcher of the emergency. An officer or an emergency team will be dispatched to respond effectively to the situation.

Also avoid walking alone at night. Instead, walk with groups of people or take advantage of the Take A Ride Around Campus Safely (TRACS) bus service and safety escort when walking at night. The TRACS bus service provides transportation to and from university buildings and neighborhoods adjacent to campus from 10 p.m to 2 a.m. The university's safety escort service can be reached at (610) 758-1111.

Fitness and Recreation

In addition to being mentally healthy, being physically healthy is important. Lehigh has a gym on campus that is accessible to all students. The gym houses a fitness center, racquet sports complex, climbing wall, basketball courts, swimming pools, studio (multi-purpose room) and locker rooms. Check their website for current activities and hours.

Most classes at Lehigh end at 4:00 p.m., which gives students the time to participate in other activities held by clubs and organizations. There are about 150 clubs on our campus and most students are involved in two or three organizations. Club meetings or activities are opportunities for student to relax and socialize with the rest of the campus.

During the summer, the University Center front lawn is one of our recreation spots on campus and is open to all students. Students are either studying or playing a game of Frisbee. Lamberton Hall is another recreational building in which activities are held. Some examples are a capella night, karaoke night, bingo night, open mic night, cultural nights etc. Even with rigorous schedules, Lehigh students find time to relax and get involved on campus.

You can find the latest events on the University Event Calendar. Or visit Student Activities for more information.